Cottagecore has taken over the Internet – this include the art scenes. Throughout history, you see variations of the Cottagecore aesthetic in art and crafts, but during the last 5 years, we have seen an increase in its inspiration within this space.

Despite this, it may be difficult finding inspiration for Cottagecore inspired works – and that’s where we come in!

Continue reading to find 10 Cottagecore painting ideas for your next work!

woman painting cottagecore painting ideas

Your Favourite Flower

What’s a better painting then your favourite flower? Our favourite way of doing this is with a scientific approach – grab a plain white piece of paper, sit your flower (or photograph) on the side, and sketch exactly what you see.

Take whatever paint you choose and try to replicate the colours as best as possible, then outline with a very fine black pen.

Frame is with a golden frame and it is a beautiful addition to your home!

Decorate a Mirror

This is one of our favourite Cottagecore DIY ideas! Go to your local thrift store and find a mirror that you love – we suggest one that have a golden and intricate frame. Once home, grab your paints (preferably acrylic) and paint any design you want. We typically add floral designs. Once done, hang on your wall and you have a practical piece of art!

A Variety of Something

For this one, we want you to go on Google and search all the different types of something – we suggest mushrooms, butterflies, vegetables, Fruit, insects or flowers. Use an A3 piece of poster paper to sketch in everything you can fit onto the page! Make each sketch small, only an inch or two in size, and cover the entire page.

To add an extra vintage feel to the end product, either paint the page a cream colour or find a yellowed piece of paper. This will be reminiscent of vintage medical and historical posters.

painting of cottagecore flowers

Still Life

Nothing is more Cottagecore than a scene of cakes, fresh fruit and vegetables, and a tea pot. You can make endless scenes to paint with still lifes, and don’t feel pressured to use any specific items. You can utilise your clothes to add texture, add fresh and dried flowers for depth or paint the view from your window.


Paint frogs doing anything – make them funny by recreating famous historical paintings with frogs instead of people, give them hats, or paint them in nature.

Frogs are a significant symbol in the Cottagecore community, and any painting will fit perfectly in the aesthetic. 

Countryside Landscape

Any landscape you paint that includes meadows, fields, animals, and lush greenery is perfect. Think John Constable, Claude Monet, and Vincent van Gogh.

Find inspiration on your daily walks, take photos of scenes you find beautiful and transfer them into a painting!


One of the core values in the Cottagecore community is caring for animals, so what better to paint than the animals you love. Don’t feel constrained to the typical Cottagecore animals (cats, bunnies, etc.); paint animals that you love and that feel right to you.

Remember, they don’t have to be realistic – paint in a way that makes you happy.

cottagecore painting

Fantasy Scenes

Cottagecore is, in part, inspired by mythology and faeries. If you are drawn to this side of the aesthetic, then find some inspiration online (Pinterest, Instagram) and paint some fantastical scenes.

This could be transforming a model into a fairy, or adding sparkles and pastel colours to scenes you like.


If you enjoy painting flowers, we suggest you take a bigger step into painting meadows of flowers. This is a step below full landscape paintings as they can be as small (zoomed into the flowers) or as large (full meadow landscape) as you like.

Watercolour Homes

One of our favourite paintings to look at on social media right now are watercolour painted homes! These works feel so cosy, and make the homes depicted feel so much more Cottagecore.

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