Men’s fashion is often overlooked on the majority of social media platforms: Pinterest and Instagram are overwhelmed with women’s fashion, beauty and lifestyle aesthetics and trends. We’re often focused on the Cottagecore Girl, but today we are stepping in to help all the men be able to dress in a way that makes them feel and look 100 per cent!

No matter what you want to dress like, you’re sure to find your aesthetic; it could be a male version of Cottagecore or Goblincore, or it could be more cater to the masculine such as streetwear.

Don’t forget, it doesn’t matter what you want to achieve with your fashion, make sure it’s what makes you feel like yourself and fits your lifestyle well.

Let’s get straight into 5 aesthetic guy’s outfits!


male normcore outfit
c: Trung Kien

You may not have heard of Normcore before – many who aren’t huge with social media aren’t – but it is simply an aesthetic driven by average-looking (and maybe bland) clothing.

As suggested by the name itself, this trend relies on the basics: unrefined, neutral and unisex are the typical go-to’s for outfits.

Your outfits will be gathered from comfortable, “regular” pieces such as jeans, button downs, white tees and a jacket – nothing special or fancy. The key to Normcore is simple: it’s simple.


male skater outfit
c: Luke Hamilton

Many of us thought that the skater aesthetic was left in the early 1990’s, but to our delight, it has recently mad a resurgence into popular culture, and, most importantly, fashion.

The skater look originated in the 1950s, but did not reach its true peak until the early 90s alongside the grunge style and lifestyle movement. This aesthetic style was heavily associated with oversized clothing, band tee’s and sneakers.

Some of you may want the nostalgic affect, but those who require a modern update, we suggest layering a long-sleeved shirt under a graphic tee and sneakers.


male preppy outfit
c: bea

This aesthetic has continuously come and gone from the mainstream, but it is honestly one of the most timeless aesthetics out there. You don’t have to go to an Ivy League school, or have uber-rich parents to pull of these looks – simply draw inspiration from those people.

The best way to participate in this trend is through wearing slim chinos or trousers (preferably in cream of navy), a polo shirt of button-down, and a pair of loafers.


male hipster outfit
c: Devin McManus

The Hipster style reached it’s peak in the mid-2010s, and is instantly recognisable to almost everyone. This entire aesthetic focuses on plaid button-downs, aviator jackets, branded tees and jeans with a rolled-up hem.

The fashion choices of this aesthetic are half sophisticated, half brawny as clothes will either be too tight or too loose, and with a host of mixed textures and patterns.

The ultimate finishing touches for any hipster outfit is a beard and Chelsea boots.


male cottagecore outfit
c: Hakoo

Of course, as a Cottagecore blog, we couldn’t let you go without discussing how this fantastical trend can be harnessed for men!

A relatively new aesthetic that drew its peak during the pandemic, Cottagecore is heavily influenced by a romanticised view of country living. Think rustic furniture, antique décor and natural colours.

If you want to pull of a Cottagecore look, go for chunky sweaters, white button downs, brown trousers and a pair of Chelsea boots.

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