If you are looking to turn your typical, minimalistic (and maybe a little messy) room into a whimsical and charming Cottagecore space, you’ve come to the right post!

The Cottagecore aesthetic is promoting a lifestyle that is stress-free and inspired by a romanticised idea of the past and interpretation of western agricultural life. The entire culture behind the trend centers around simple lifestyles, embracing nature and caring for people and animals.

Don’t mistake this trend for farmhouse of shabby chic; this aesthetic combines the rustic, feminine and simplistic elements of these trends with the atmosphere of the 19th-century Englishc ountryside.

Common motifs include greenery, checkered picnic prints, botanical prints, florals, pastels, straw hats, gardens, jam and baking.

Here are our top 5 decor ideas for transforming your room into a Cottagecore escape.

Keep Things Simple


Depending on your style preferences, you can keep Cottagecore minimalist or maximalist. Despite this, you want to keep the elements simple – you can add a bunch of rugs, blankets, throws and decor, but make sure they are dainty and not overwhelming within the space.

Cottagecore embraces clutter, but that doesn’t have to mean crowded, messy or overwhelming. You can add pieces that scream Cottagecore, such as a cane webbed headboard, floral printed sheets, throw pillows and vintage furniture, and embelish them with hints of colour, trinkets and prints to give the space more life while keeping it feminine and dainty.

All Things Floral

If you want a quick and easy transformation, a great place to start is with floral prints. Think wallpaper, prints, fabrics, and real (fresh or dried) flowers spread over the space. A major component of the Cottagecore lifestyle is not only collecting, but appreciating and nurturing nature – add propogation stations, plants, scientific floral prints and paintings to your space to make your space feel comforting and nurturing.

Smart Clutter

Again, clutter does not mean messy. When we tell you that the Cottagecore lifestyle embraces clutter, this does not mean throw your clothes all over the place, leave your dirty dishes around the house, or not put things away where they’re supposed to go.

A cluttered Cottagecore home can mean displaying things you would typically store away (such as pots, pans, and dishware), having items you utilise daily out (baskets, aprons, cooking appliances) so they’re easily accessible and having a collection of decor and trinkets that make your space feel lived in. The main difference is that when you have clutter, things are in their space – they’re just visible.

Cozy Balcony

Are you trying to transform your city space into a Cottagecore escape? It’s super simple!

We all know you can transform a backyard into a Cottagecore lover’s dream, but don’t think this means you have to have a backyard! If you’re stuck in the city, and all you have is a balcony, it’s something you can easily work with.

Grab a chair (preferably made from natural materials), a small table, fresh plants and flowers to create the ultimate escape from city life – all while looking directly at it.

Embrace the Feminine

We especially love this in a kitchen space! Utilise brands such as Smeg that have the ultimate Cottagecore look but are still relibale, accessible and absolutely beautiful. Your Cottagecore space does not need to feel like – hang your pots and pans, embrace fresh flowers, leave out freshly baked goods, and put your fruit and vegetables on display.

To add even more feminine touches, however, add botanical prints, hints of pastel colours (on throw pillows, blnkets, decor, curtains, rugs, etc.) and choose pieces that are dainty.

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