We know that not everyone has the opportunity (luck) to live in a small cottage in the countryside where there is enough space for a thriving garden, a few chickens and a glorious wardrobe full of puff sleeves, plaid and floral prints.

Unfortunately, some of us (like me) have to live in a city filled with high-rise buildings, cement, pigeons and tired people. Our apartments are often cramped, but not in the same way a cottage in the woods is (it doesn’t make sense), and we definitely have no room for more than a few plants – and that’s if we’re lucky enough to have a balcony. 

But living in a city does not mean we can’t make the space we do have feel and look like a Cottagecore dream! In today’s post, we have 20 kitchen essentials that will make even the most industrial and modern kitchens feel like the perfect Cottagecore space.

1. Vintage Light Switch Plates

A fantastic way of spicing up your space and adding a Cottagecore touch is by swapping traditionally modern or mass-produced with vintage and unique pieces.

Promising Review: “Did our bedroom renovation and It’s shabby chic décor and this is such an beautiful addition! The quality and craftsmanship is wonderful! Thank you!” – Lisa Cifazzari

2. Cottagecore Prints

We are obsessed with adding touches of Cottagecore through our wall decor – in the kitchen, you can easily add pictures of fruits, vegetables, or herbs.

Promising Review: “Beautiful quality print! I have a friend that’s obsessed with mushrooms (the legal kind) and this was the perfect gift for him! The fabric material is really nice compared to typical paper posters, and with a custom frame, this will be an amazing piece for his collection!!” – Kali

3. Mushroom Mug

What could be better than waking up in the morning, a sipping your tea from a mushroom shaped mug – and then, when you forget about it (like we all do), it is kept warm by the mushroom top!

Promising Review: “Item was packaged well and came in glass form. It looks exactly like the picture. I admire my mushroom 🍄 Ceramic Coffee Mug. I recommend anyone who is interested to purchase this item. Customer service was 5 out of 5, they always respond back to my questions and comments.” – Jaylene Gonzales

4. Domed Wood Platter

With this domed acacia wood platter, you can ensure your baked goods stay fresh for longer and even parade your bakes around stylishly!

Promising Review: “This is absolutely beautiful. The dome fits in a grove in the base and doesn’t move around. There are recessed places around the base so you can easily pick it up. It fits 10 inch Wilton cake boards so a 9 inch double layer cake fits great. Not enough space for 3 layers, but some space if the cake is decorated. All and all this was a great purchase, worth every penny.” – Terri

5. Magical Cutlery Set

What is more magical than eating all of your meals with the most beautiful set of copper cutlery?

Promising Review:I am SO happy with this purchase! I thought the list price was far more than fair for so many beautiful spoons. The seller wrapped them very well to help keep them safe while shipping, plus the seller even included a small satchel of lavender, a business card, a hand-written “thank you” card, as well as the cutest origami bird (perhaps a crane?)! I really appreciate the effort and attention to detail from the seller, plus the spoons I bought are gorgeous and exactly as pictured. I HIGHLY recommend this shop!” – Rachel Probst

6. Reusable Produce Bags

A major part of the Cottagecore aesthetic is sustainability and maintaining eco-friendly behaviour – a fantastic way of playing your part is by utilising net bags for your groceries.

Promising Review: “Love these little bags. I use mine for storage and organizing in my laundry room. I put my clean pads for the Swiffer mop in one, dirty ones in the other. And the dirty dishcloths in one . I put a hook on the wall beside the washer and hung them. Very handy for me.” – Debra

7. Wooden Mushroom Wall Art

This wooden mushroom wall art, made from jempinis wood, is absolutely beautiful and accurate. This would be the perfect addition to any Cottagecore kitchen.

Promising Review: “I love the mastery of the craft for these mushrooms. They are amazing and very easy to hang! Thank you! <3” – Anna Rozenblat

8. Vintage Pottery Pieces

You can’t have a Cottagecore kitchen without a selection of beautiful vintage pottery homewares!

Promising Review: “Love my beautiful old stoneware bottle. Beautifully. & thoughtfully wrapped & quick postage plus a very friendly helpful seller. Highly recommend 😊” – Julieann Salmon

9. Mug Coasters

If you have pieces of vintage furniture, you don’t want your water or tea creating rings on the surfaces. Stop this by purchasing some adorable water lily mug coasters!

Promising Review: “These are adorable! We just got them in the mail and we love them! The quality is even better than we expected. I am already thinking we should order more as gifts for friends. :)” – JaneKr

10. Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers & Toothpick Holder

The vintage salt and pepper shaker with toothpick holder by romaniquesvintage is inspired by an eggcarton, and painted with Australian wildflowers. You genuinely cannot go wrong with these in your kitchen!

Promising Review: “Love them and so prompt and great customer service. Thank you.” – Julz Kinsella

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