Mori Kei (森系), or Mori Girl, originated in the Japanese street fashion community and has now grown into a worldwide aesthetic trend. This Japanese fashion trend centres around the idea of dwelling in and living off the forest – similar to that of a Forest Girl.

The community began in 2006 on the Japanese social network Mixi – named after a friend commenting that the creator looked like she lived in the forest.

By 2009, the Mori Girl community on Mixi had reached 35,000 people, led to the creation of Mori Kei magazines and brands including Choco’s Mori Girl Book, Mori Girl Lesson magazines and the brand Wonder Rocket.

While the fashion style has expanded overseas, it has declined in popularity in Japan, with even the brands and magazines loosing their reach.

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Unfortunately, by 2019, the Mori Kei group on Mixi had been deleted, and the aesthetics most popular brand, Wonder Rocket, closed is Harajuku store in 2017.

While the height of it’s popularity has passed, the Mori Kei aesthetic has not disappeared due to a small group of enthusiasts online.


Since it origins, the style of a Mori Girl has developed and evolved into what it is now – but the underlying principles have remained the same. If you want to be a Mori Girl, combine girly, loose, layered and natural clothing that simultaneously hide the body shape and create a fluffy appearance.

The staples you can find in any Mori Girl’s wardrobe include homespun textures, natural fibers, and little imperfections on outfits of layered skirts, ruffled hemlines, and baggy silhouettes.

The clothing (and pretty much everything else) you will find in their possession will appear homemade, well-loved, recycled, asymmetrical and organic.

On top of this, you will want to choose clothing that has embroidery, light materials and/or lace that are made for layering such as knit scarves, shawls, vests and cardigans.

The colour scheme of a Mori Girl are earth and natural tones – this includes khaki, beige, navy blue, forest green and brown. You can also add touches of floral colours such as light pinks and blues.

In terms of hair and makeup, it is popular to match the natural tones of your outfits. Typically eyeshadow will be minimal with beige, gold or pink. Blush is used to make yourself look soft and whimsical.

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