Ravencore is a relatively new aesthetic that heavily relates to Goblincore, Crowcore, and Cottagecore. This nature-centered aesthetic takes inspiration from crows (if that wasn’t already obvious); these creatures are relatively solitary and prefer to be undisturbed in mountainous or forested areas, they feed on scavenged insects and invertebrates, congregate in groups on occasion, and are known to hoard shiny objects. These basic principles and habits build the foundations for the aesthetic community.

The main activities for the community involve collecting items of interest, building friendships, and respecting all of nature.


Visuals you will see for the Ravens include:

  • small trinkets
  • birds
  • wild animals
  • logs
  • feathers
  • insects
  • mushrooms
  • candles
  • rocks/crystals
  • books
  • mountains
  • forests
  • plants
  • skulls
  • moss
  • shiny objects


Ravencore fashion is similar to that of Goblincore and Crowcore; it is a darker version of Cottagecore that evokes mystery, playfulness, and adventure. Most Ravencore fans will feel comfortable in all-black outfits that are suitable for any adventure – and cleanliness is not their top priority.

You may see oversized sweaters, tight jeans, overalls, and mismatched socks.


Hoard Items

Ravens will often collect items such as:

  • insects
  • books
  • small trinkets
  • candles
  • bones
  • rocks/crystals
  • shiny objects

Being In Nature


Crafting you can do as part of Ravencore includes:

  • sewing patches onto old clothes
  • knitting accessories
  • drawing items you’ve found
  • sculpting decor for your home


  • exploring mossy stone houses
  • spending time with other Ravens
  • gardening
  • caring for plants

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