If you have Pinterest or Instagram, I’m sure you have seen charming cottages, farmhouses, and lakeside homes that make you want to quit your corporate job and run to rural life.

You can find these picturesque spaces all over the world, but some countries fit the Cottagecore aesthetic more than others. You might have guessed already, but most of these places are in Europe – the country that founded and continues to influence the Cottagecore communities.

Many locations in England, Germany, and more countries have buildings that date back to the 19th century or even medieval times. So we have compiled a list of 7 whimsical Cottagecore locations for you to put on your vacation bucket list!


France is one of our favourite cottagecore countries

I’m well known that France houses the city of love, Paris, but there is so much more to the country than it’s a bustling city. Picture pastel villas, and hilltop views that provide the perfect backdrop for your Cottagecore activities.

A large portion of France is covered in forests, so if you’re looking for stunning nature, you cannot go wrong. If you visit Giverny, Normandy, you can visit the riverside house of Claude Monet, where his famous gardens are available to view.

Another location you should visit is Hunspach, Alsace, a former Swedish settlement that is evident through its adorable half-timbered houses.

If you go further south, you will find a perfect combination of Cottagecore and the French aesthetic in Villefranche Sur Mer. Just 10 minutes away from Monaco, this location is truly magical due to its crystalline waters.


Italy promotes the perfect cottagecore lifestyle

Quite possibly one of the most romantic locations in the world is Italy, where the country is full of picturesque landscapes and a lot of wine. Enjoy traveling the ancient roads of Rome, the seemingly endless vineyards of Tuscany, or the stunning canals of Venice.

Areas you need to travel to when visiting Italy for a Cottagecore adventure are Alberobello, Montefalco, and Garden of Ninfa. This country truly is perfect for relaxing and slowing down your life in a stunning landscape.


These houses in Ireland are a dream come true for any cottagecore fan

Known for its green, rolling hills and mysterious fog with gardens of moss and millstone, Ireland is an ideal location for someone wishing to get away on a Cottagecore-aesthetic getaway.

Cottages built with lime-washed walls, low doors, small windows, and thatched roofs are everywhere – in particular, through Limerick and Adare.


Germany is one of the most commonly visited cottagecore countries

It may come as a shock to some, but Germany is truly one of the must-go places for the Cottagecore lover. Bavaria, in particular, contains whimsical towns, fairytale castles, and romantic roads that will leave you feeling like a princess running through the streets.

While there, you need to visit Blaubeuren, Neuschwanstein Castle and Rothenburg ob der Tauber.


Switzerland has cute towns filled with cottagecore homes

This country is a must-see for the Cottagecore community; stunning landscapes, roaring mountains, relaxing lakes so clear you can see the bottom and so much more to complete your Cottagecore desires.

Find yourself around stone cottages in areas such as Foroglio, and Ticino (which also has an ethereal waterfall), or feel like you’re in a fairytale at Lauterbrunnen.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the ultimate getaway for any cottagecore lover

The first country that comes to mind when you think of Cottagecore, is England. 19th-century European flair is central to the Cottagecore community, with its quaint villages, countryside, and rolling landscape.

We especially recommend Southern England, where you will find stunning gardens, rural villages, and overwhelmingly calm countryside.

Known as the prettiest village in England, you must visit Castle Combe, Cotswolds. Walk between the rows of stone cottages with yellow limestone that almost makes it feel as if time stands still.

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