I’m sure we’re not the only ones who have dreamt of running away, living in the forest, and spending all our spare time in nature or with animals. If you want this lifestyle, then you’ve come to the right place!

In this post, we will be going into detail about our favourite Goblincore outfits that will work for every occasion – including wandering in swamps, collecting objects, and playing in the forest.

But that brings up a very important question: what is Goblincore?

What Is Goblincore?

goblincore scene in a damp, dark forest

Goblincore is a growing aesthetic community that hones in on the lesser-praised aspects of nature such as worms, mud, mushrooms, dirt, insects, rocks, slugs, and frogs.

The term can be broken up into two words: goblin and core. Goblin is associated with the mythical creatures known for their small, ugly appearance and unpredictability and core is the identification that the aesthetic focuses on the former subject.

As you may suspect, Goblincore is heavily associated with Cottagecore, Witchcore, and Fairycore, with minor changes to the tones and outward aesthetic. Where Cottagecore is warm and comforting, Golincore is darker – though not as dark as Witchcore.

Cottagecore has a strong focus on farm life and floral elements; it is often described as light and airy. Goblincore has a focus on the forest and the darker, dirtier tones of nature.

Goblincore is messier than most modern aesthetics, such as minimalism, that opt for a clean and simple look that creates a light atmosphere. This aesthetic is more carefree, not letting society’s standards of beauty set the standard for their lifestyle and creating a unique space that is surrounded by nature.

What Is Goblincore Fashion?

The best Goblincore outfit can be described in three simple words: loose, comfortable and worn. Think of what would work best for a long walk through a damp forest – something you don’t care about getting muddy.

Some great examples of items to include in a Goblincore wardrobe include ripped jeans, corduroy overalls, loose sweaters, chunky boots, oversized cardigans and much more.

In terms of colour palette, most within the community stick with dark and earthy tones such as dark green, muted reds and shades of brown.

Oversized, Baggy Sweater and Jeans

One of the most standard outfits you can wear in the Goblincore community is a simple baggy sweatshirt and jeans. Style it with your favourite worn, gold-rimmer glasses, some dirty doc martens, and lots of jewellery.

T-Shirt, Button Down and Long Skirt

If you’re planning on going to shop at the markets or walk through your favourite bookstore, you can’t go wrong with a simple t-shirt, a long flowy skirt and a button-down to keep you a little warmer.

Style with your favourite sun hat and silver jewellery that will complete any errand day.

Slacks, Graphic Tee and Oversized Jacket

Whether it’s going to school or meeting friends at a local coffee shop, you can’t beat a pair of plaid slacks, a graphic tee and an oversized jacket (preferably worn denim) for when it gets a bit chilly.

Pair this look with a pair of worn boots and you can easily go searching the forest for knick-knacks that will go perfectly in your home.

Overalls and Sweater

Our favourite look to wear for the Goblincore aesthetic is a pair of linen overalls and a thick, knitted sweater.

Add some worn shoes, a coffee mug and some books.

The Goblincore Starter

If you’re new to the Goblincore aesthetic and you’re looking for an outfit you can wear with what you likely already have in your wardrobe then look no further than the simple combination of straight-leg jeans, a t-shirt, belt, and boots.

You seriously cannot go wrong with this look; style it with whatever makes you feel best, such as jewellery, berets, watches, gloves, and more.

Linen Shorts, T-Shirt, and Cardigan

The ultimate Goblincore outfit for back-to-school has to be the linen shorts, belt, t-shirt and oversized cardigan combo.

Mix and match textures and colours to create a rustic, worn appearance and accessorise with your backpack (or tote bag), long socks, boots, and lots of silver jewellery.

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