The next big homeware and interior design trend is definitely Cottageccore – this aesthetic is incredibly popular all over social media as people have sought comfort and sustainability in their daily lives and a return to nature as the pandemic wanes.

But that brings up the question of how to bring this trend into your home? Continue reading to find out!

Image of a Cottagecore home design

Cottagecore: The Basics

In terms of lifestyle and home design, Cottagecore revolves around simplicity and personal freedom; self-reliance and comfort; driven by romance and natural designs. It’s an aesthetic intended to build cozy spaces that are decorated with rustic finishes and furnished to create warmth, happiness, and productivity.

The Cottagecore Lifestyle

The lifestyle embraced by the Cottagecore community includes self-reliance and simplicity – opt to do things for yourself (as often as you can) and rely less on manufactured, mass-produced goods.

Now, we understand not everyone has the means to do this wholely. You don’t have to sew all your own clothes or live off what you grow in your own garden. Simply start out with growing a small herb garden on your kitchen windowsill or collect fresh flowers as decor.

The key to living the Cottagecore lifestyle, to any degree, is to connect with nature and live as sustainably as possible. On top of this, your lifestyle and home should influence feelings of fulfillment and tranquility.

The Cottagecore Home

The perfect Cottagecore home should be a space that makes you feel comfortable, as well as a space for reflection and utility. Of course, you need the little touches like vintage decor, wooden furniture, potted plants, and anything that has a nostalgic feel. On top of this, including some decor that shows your self-reliance; dried herbs, wicker baskets, hand-picked flowers, and more.

The Cottagecore home trends embrace the clutter. Say goodbye to minimalism and embrace a home that feels lived in, with balls of yarn strewn in a basket beside a rocking chair, stacks of books, and ingredient jars left out on the counter to create a more welcoming and friendly home.

Image of a home with a Cottagecore style decor

Natural Materials

One of the key elements of the Cottagecore aesthetic is to be close to nature, so it is important to decorate your home with natural materials like wood, hemp, and wicker.

On top of furniture, there are many ways you can incorporate natural materials into your home! Utilize wicker baskets as small storage places for yarn or throw blankets, macrame pieces made from hemp in addition to wooden stools at your kitchen counter.

Choose Vintage

It is essential that you try to purchase antique furniture (in particular those with a rustic farmhouse or French influence) for your Cottagecore home. While vintage furniture works well with the aesthetic, they also embrace the nostalgic atmosphere that Cottagecore is known for!

Have Fun with Colour and Texture

We aren’t recommending that you have a messy home, a slight clutter is a key element of the Cottagecore home design. Instead of hiding away cook- and table-ware, why not find a way to use it as decoration? Leave stacks of books on tables and floors. Provide comforts around the home that create ease of access and comfort.

Utilize Wallpaper

Many of us will be excited that wallpaper has come back in style! Wallpapers provide a brilliant backdrop for your vintage decor – especially something that is inspired by floral or nature. If you’re apprehensive about fully committing to wallpaper, you could simply do an accent wall with a stunning print.

Soft Furnishings

To make your place feel more like home, fill furniture with overstuffed pillows, comfortable throw blankets, long curtains, and other soft elements. To warm up your wooden floors, ensure you utilize rugs and add quilts to your couch arms.

You should make your home feel as welcoming as it looks.

Image of Cottagecore home decorations

DIY Decor

The perfect touch to complete your Cottagecore home is by presenting your DIY creations. On top of gardening, you should embrace the homemade elements of home decor such as creating cross-stitched pieces or utilizing pressed flowers. Displaying something you have created yourself is a great way to be a part of the Cottagecore aesthetic.

Utilize Flowers

Not only do flowers and plants have fantastic health benefits, but they are also a simple (and inexpensive if you grow your own) way to bring beauty into your home. This is a great way to acknowledge and appreciate agrarian culture and can be as simple as displaying a vase of fresh flowers.

We believe the best way to find your personal Cottagecore home decor look is in the details – of course, the bigger furniture pieces are necessary for day-to-day life, but the smaller accents are what make the Cottagecore spaces feel like home.

Be sure to put thought into the pieces you select, and do what feels right for you and your space.

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