You may have seen the emergence of a new trend in interior design, beauty, and fashion – that trend is Cottagecore. Romantic, whimsical, and flowy, this aesthetic reminisces on rural lifestyles and simpler times, in particular, they embrace nature, homemade, charm, and craft.

It is easy to see, with the global pandemic and the rise of technology and productivity, how people are beginning to gravitate towards the more simple and more peaceful lifestyle that is encouraged by Cottagecore.

In this article, we break down the way you can seamlessly integrate elements of Cottagecore into your daily life.

What is Cottagecore?

cute cottage in the mountains

To put it simply, the term “Cottagecore” refers to an aesthetic that originated on Tumblr in the 2010s that encourages simple living reminiscent of farm life in the 19th century.

“The foundation for Cottagecore interior design hearkens back to a time when life was much more simplistic and connected to nature,” says Amber Dunford. “It celebrates a romanticized, self-sufficient lifestyle often found in rural or farm settings, where you’ll find handmade decor; soft and easy textiles; delicate floral prints; and vintage-inspired pieces in furniture, artwork, and accessories.”

“The foundations for Cottagecore interior design hearkens back to a time when life was much more simplistic and connected to nature.”

The Origins of Cottagecore

According to lead designer and partner at HGTV 2021 Designer of the Year winning firm Rumor Designs, Lindsey Jamison, the Cottagecore aesthetic originated “from the idea of slowed-down rural life, where one is more harmonious with nature and romanticises the simple things in life”.

Many believe that the term itself was coined in a 2018 Tumblr post that sparked worldwide craze on every other social media platform, prompting people to celebrate the charm of a simpler lifestyle.

The Cottagecore Colour Palette

The emphasis on nature within this aesthetic makes it only natural that organic, neutral colours are the most dominant to community members. Saffari emphasises that “neutral, earthy tones, mostly in the form of pastels are the general colour palette” of the Cottagecore aesthetic.

  • It is important to note you can blend this with deeper, richer hues such as navy and green to make a more dynamic look.

The main thing you need to remember when choosing colours is that any colour you find in nature will work.

Now, here are ways you can embrace the Cottagecore aesthetic and create the perfect lifestyle!

Shop Vintage (or Dust off your Heirlooms)

cottage from behind wild flowers

The entire Cottagecore community celebrates vintage pieces (both furniture, decor, and clothing) as they believe that one-of-a-kind pieces you can find this way promote a romantic and organic way of life as well as provide texture and history to your life.

“In a recent project, we incorporated a dining table that has been in the owner’s family for generations, and we added tea kettles and pots from the owner’s grandmother to bring this slowed-down rural look to life.”

Linsey Jamison

Family heirlooms are the perfect piece for your Cottagecore home, as presented by Wilfredo Emanuel, “Secondhand pieces and items passed down from family, not only do they make great accessories, but they add memories and sentimental value to your design.”

Layers, Textures, Knits

Again, this is something you can take into consideration for both your wardrobe and interior design. This aesthetic makes the most out of layering pieces that add a dynamic, inviting and textural element to the space.

For example, add rugs, throw blankets, and a variety of pillows to elevate spaces while keeping the Cottagecore vibe central.

Embrace Open Shelving

Open shelving is the best way to showcase the vintage home decor and little knick-knacks that you will have collected over time.

  • Side note: this kind of shelving will help you stay tidy and organised as your things are always visible.

Jamison states that “styling open kitchen shelves with interesting artistic dishware is an easy way to achieve the cottagecore look.” In any room it will perfectly enhance your style and design.

Use Florals

The most obvious and common element to incorporate into your home and fashion that emulates the romanticism of nature is floral motifs and patterns – this also includes fresh flowers.

“Using florals in the home is a great way to start your cottagecore design. Whether in the wallpaper, tapestry, or potted plants in the kitchen, florals can help with the inspiration and are a great way to begin your cottagecore room,” states Wilfredo Emanuel.

Create A Relaxing Home

The ultimate combo is comfort and cottage – and this means beyond your furniture. This aesthetic emphasises physical and mental comfort with things as simple as the senses.

Abby Feltner advises “If you want to implement a cottagecore vibe in your own home, look for areas where you can enhance the day-to-day experience and appeal to your senses. For example, placing fragrant herbs or flowers in your favorite vessel by your bed or finding a cozy vintage chair for your laundry room to enjoy the scent of fresh laundry as you read. In my opinion, cottagecore at its essence is all about making the mundane a lovely indulgence.”

Fragrances through candles or diffusers are one of the best ways to enhance the comfort of your home. The scent should be gentle and welcoming such as lavender or eucalyptus.

Embrace the cottagecore aesthetic within your home by utilising these tips. This post breaks down just some of the ways you can enhance the romantic and whimsical aesthetic of Cottagecore, and the elements you can add to your cottagecore home.

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