Beautiful flowers, cute pollinators, and sweet goods are the world of bees and honey. If warmth and comfort are what you’re after, you will love the Honeycore aesthetic. This new trend has been becoming increasingly popular over social media, especially on Pinterest and TikTok.

This post will go over everything you need to know about the Honeycore aesthetic: what is it, its differences from Cottagecore, the perfect colour palettes, and the motifs commonly utilised.

What Is Honeycore?

bee hive

The Honeycore aesthetic involves the appreciation and celebration of honey and other sweet goods that provide warmth and comfort like honeycomb, syrup, and honeydew.

This aesthetic centers around honey in every form, including honey production, the protection of bees, and its use in baked goods. Those in the community acknowlege of the vital role honey bees play in our crops thriving as they pollinate our food.

Similar to Cottagecore, this aesthetic heavily involves motifs of flower fields, animal care, agriculture and rural living. However, the major difference is where Cottagecore has pastel tones and bright colours, Honeycore has a focus on warm browns and yellows.

All throughout history, honey has been used as a form of medicine. Even if you don’t want to incorporate the Honeycore aesthetic into your life as a lifestyle change, you can utilise it’s healthcare benefits into your daily life.

Whether it be with lemon in hot water to relieve a sore throat, or used as an antiseptic by dabbing onto a wound, honey has powerful antibacterial properties. This is a great medicine as it contains calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium that are essential to the health of your teeth and bones.

Honeycore Fashion

honey bee on flowers

Fashion in the Honeycore community involves the use of honeycomb patterns, as well as honey-inspired prints and items.

You can find the best options for honeycomb patterns, honey-related prints and clothing items on online stores such as Etsy.

  • Search: sweet as can bee or honey life for the best results!

Focus on clothing items that are white, yellow, mustard, dark topaz, pumpkin, orange, marigold, tangerine and nectar coloured. Accessories can include scrunchies, necklaces, bracelets and earrings that show honey or bee motifs.

Honeycore Activites

bee keeping

Here is our ultimate list of activities to partake in if you want to be a part of the Honeycore community:

  • beekeeping
  • caring for animals and the enviroment
  • planting flowers and gardens
  • honey tasting
  • tasting parties
  • learning about bees
  • bake sweet goods
  • make hand-made jewellery

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