Unlike Cottagecore or Grunge, Farmcore is an aesthetic that has not gained worldwide popularity or recognition. It remains a small community on the sidelines of the Cottagecore aesthetic.

It is easy to understand the ins and outs of this aesthetic from its title, but this post is to take you through how Farmcore is different from other aesthetics and how you can fit into the community.

What Is Farmcore?

bowl of fresh tomatoes

Farmcore – often also referred to as Countrycore – is one of many interconnected internet aesthetics that center around Cottagecore. Though many use the two aesthetics as synonyms, there are distinct differences between the two that may appeal to different people.

The Farmcore aesthetic centers on the idea of romanticising (or fetishising) western agricultural lifestyles, in particular, life on a western farm.

The core of this aesthetic is a longing for simplicity in life; harmony with nature and animals.

Farmcore Fashion

girl standing in crop

Many of the aesthetics that coexist with Cottagecore will reference fashion styles from the distant past; picture linen pants, muddy boots, baskets of bread and flowers, aprons, and meadows. However, it is important to mention much of the fashion was not items actually worn or used at the time because, really, the typical farmer outfit is not actually pleasing to look at.

Some of the clothing we would recommend for this aesthetic is realistically impractical for historical farm life, but they have been largely inspired by the lifestyle and help create a nostalgic and rural appearance.

Fashion for the Farmcore community is largely oversized denim, overalls (preferably with large pockets), and lose dresses that are roughly knee-length. Choose fabrics such as linen, cotton, and faded denim with hints of ruffles, lace, and embroidery.

The most common clothing items worn for this aesthetic include aprons, overalls, and long dresses, but don’t forget about long skirts, midi dresses, baggy jeans, smoked tops, and items with puff sleeves.

We recommend you opt for clothing with patterns like florals, plaid, stripes, and gingham to create the ultimate Farmcore look.

For shoes, we suggest keeping it simple and practical: loafers, lace-up boots, mules, or t-bar shoes.

For accessories, you can’t go wrong with baskets, straw bags, straw hats, thick bracelets, bandanas, golden necklaces, small earrings, and pendants.

Hairstyles should be loose and simple, with the occasional bow.

Here are some of our favourite pieces for the Farmcore look:

Colour Palettes

cow at sunrise

In our opinion, the ultimate colour palette for Farmcore is heavily inspired by nature and autumn (fall). Throw together outfits based on your favourite animals, crops, and plants to create the perfect shades and tones.

We personally love utilising dark green, cream white, muddy brown, and yellow when focusing on Farmcore. To be more natural, opt for some earthy tones such as teal, rust, mustard, and gray.

These colours can be used to inspired not only your fashion, but makeup, accessories, and even interior design!

Farmcore Activities


The best activities and hobbies for those within the Cottagecore and Farmcore communities overlap a lot – they involve nature and self-sufficiency.

Here is a list of activities to engage in if you want to be a part of the Farmcore aesthetic:

  • Spend time outside: walking, gardening, berry picking
  • Care for animals: adopt pets, volunteer at a resue
  • Play video games such as Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing
  • Grow plants: plant crops, grow flowers, care for indoor plants
  • Get to know your environment: study biology, agriculture, and zoology
  • Go to a community garden
  • Utilise your harvest through cooking and baking
  • Grow your own herbs
  • Building: birdhouse, rabbit cage, baskets
  • Crafts: crochet, knit, embroider, sew, paint

Farmcore Motifs

woman standing in field

The common motifs surrounding the Farmcore aesthetic can be linked to or found in nature; think of large, blossoming gardens of fruits and vegetables, sheep wandering in fields of grass, and chicken coops.

A way to truly celebrate this aesthetic, similar to Cottagecore and other smaller aesthetics, you can spend your free time caring for plants (whether this is through potted plants, gardens, or your surroundings) and animals – volunteering is another great way to bring joy to yourself and others.

Of course, another motif that is common for this aesthetic is farming. Cultivating plants, raising livestock, and celebrating nature are all a part of this.

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