We are sure many of us are over the minimalist, modern farmhouse look that was uber popular in the 2010s, so it’s time to put your attention towards the latest aesthetic in home and living: Cottagecore. For those who don’t already know, the Cottagecore aesthetic has been dominating the fashion scene with flowing dresses and puff sleeves for the last 2 years, and more recently our makeup routine with no-makeup makeup and the “clean girl” look.

But now, to our excitement, Cottagecore is making it’s way into our homes.

But you may be asking, what is a Cottagecore home? Well, it’s really simple. A Cottagecore home is about embracing simple, rural life; think of fresh flowers, vintage (or vintage-inspired) furniture and cosiness. But, to be fair, nothing sums up the aesthetic better than the subreddit r/cottagecore description: “you grandma, but like, hip”.

It’s romantic, tranquil and welcoming, and sounds like it requires a cottage in a country town next to a flowing freshwater stream and a blossoming forest, but it doesn’t. We assure you that it is easy to turn your city apartment or suburban home into your very only fantasy escape.

Leave the stress to us, and find everything you could need to redecorate your space to fulfil your Cottagecore dreams below.

If you want to brighten your skincare routine, or simply feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, look now further than purchasing a vintage wall mirror! Not only are they stunning, but mirrors give the illusion of a bigger space, so they are perfect for smaller spaces.

The easiest place to start if you want to redecorate your space with a new aesthetic is by hanging prints on your walls! For the Cottagecore aesthetic, nothing works better for this than toadstool artworks!

A great way to not only add greenery (which is integral to the Cottagecore aesthetic) and mood lighting is through this artificial garland with LED lights. Hang it behind your bed, above your work desk and behind your TV in the living room for an extra pop of warm lighting.

I’m sure you can guess that floral elements are key to the Cottagecore aesthetic, especially in your apartment. An easy way to bring in floral motifs is through your bedspread – that way you can wake up every morning excited about the day.

You might think we’re a little floral obsessed (and we are), but wallpaper is another great way to add some Cottagecore into your home. It doesn’t have to be whole rooms (I still remember ripping wallpaper off the walls at my childhood home, no thank you); simply put it behind your tea station or as a statement wall in a bedroom or living area.

While you can use an electric kettle (and it obviously is easier), to truly feel like you’re living the Cottagecore dream, a classic tea kettle is perfect.

You’ve got the tea kettle, so you can’t forget about some mugs!

Okay, this lamp might be the cutest decor piece we’ve ever seen! This lamp adds the perfect soft, ambient light to any room. We recommend putting it on your bedside table so you get the perfect lighting before heading to bed each night.

A throw blanket is prefect for every home, but what is better than sipping a warm tea from your ceramic mug, under a cosy throw blanket and watching a movie on a cold night? This is a must have!

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