As its getting closer to the end of October, that brings up the question of what should you dress up as.

If you’re a part of the Cottagecore community, then rest assured there are so many fantastic costumes you can choose from!

The Cottagecore aesthetic involves romanticising the simplicity of life and finding peace with rural life. There is no turning back for many of those who have tried this trend, preferring the simplicity of planting roots in the countryside and relying on nature over the idealised city life that is crowded and industrial.

If you want to look like you spend all your spare time running through a field of wildflowers in the sunny English countryside in a light, flowy dress, then these five Cottagecore-inspired Halloween costumes will be perfect for you!

Taylor Swift in the Cardigan Music Video

Taylor Swift Cardigan music video

For the past few years, Taylor Swift has been an iconic figure in the Cottagecore community, especially in her Cardigan music video.

From the romantic setting in a whimsical forest to the light nightgown she wears, the entire music video encompasses the ethereal nature of the aesthetic. She embodies the idea of entering a magical dimension.

If you are interested in achieving this look this Halloween, you will simply need a white, sleeveless nightgown and an oversized cardigan. Pin your hair up in two pigtails using bobby pins to achieve the perfect replica of her hairstyle.

This nightgown paired with this cardigan from The Cottagecore will be perfect for this look!

A Fairy

a cottagecore fairy costume
c: helen

Whether you’re obsessed with Lord of the Rings or A Court of Thorns and Roses, any type of fairy is a perfect way to channel your inner Cottagecore girl for Halloween. This look relies less on what you wear and focuses more on what you feel best in.

Despite this, keep in mind pale colours, florals, loose-fitting clothes, and linen fabrics. Add on some elf ears, maybe dab some glitter on your cheeks and put some flowers in your hair to complete the look and assume your fairy character.

We highly recommend this fairy dress!

Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom

suzy bishop from moonrise kingdom
c: Focus Features

One of the OG sources of inspiration for Cottagecore settings is Wes Anderson movies – they involve unforgettable characters in dreamy worlds with hints of euphoria and nostalgia.

Have the ultimate Moonrise Kingdom costume by dressing up as Suzy Bishop this Halloween! Dress in a pale pink, collared dress and knee-high socks and accessorise with wildflowers and lots of black everyliner.

The Princess Bride

the princess bride wedding
c: Hapers Bazaar

The Princess Bride is an iconic movie, and this costume is perfect for a stand-alone costume choice this Halloween.

There are many outfits you can choose from to mimic: the red dress or the beautiful wedding dress are the first to come to our minds. The wedding dress is easy to imitate with a simple white puff-sleeve dress (bonus: this can also be worn after Halloween is over!) and the red dress can be any long-sleeved red dress you find!

Don’t forget to order yourself a beautiful crown, and become the ultimate Princess Buttercup for Halloween!

Yes, this may be a nightgown BUT we think it is a perfect example of a white gown that will work perfectly for the wedding gown in The Princess Bride!

Any Girl From Little Women

scene from little women
c: Cinema Blend

This costume can work perfectly in a group of three best friends or as a stand alone, and it is so versatile!

With Cottagecore trending recently, you can easily find a vintage, Victorian-inspired gown that will work perfectly for this costume at an affordable price.

Get yourself a dress, wicker basket, leather book, and a straw hat, and step into any Halloween event as the perfect Little Women girl.

This dress from The Cottagecore is perfect.

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