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Why Choose The Cottagecore Aesthetic?

The popularity of the Cottagecore aesthetic has truly surged in recent years, people of all ages, genders and backgrounds found themselves immersed in an offshoot of a vintage and rustic aesthetic. The Cottagecore community is the perfect combination of simplicity and fantasy. The basis of the aesthetic is to create a nostalgic atmosphere, that is …


Cottagecore Hobbies For The Cottagecore Girl

Our modern world is becoming increasingly fast-paced and digital; especially since the pandemic, many of us have been searching for a slower lifestyle that allows us to reconnect to a more peaceful way of living. That’s what Cottagecore is all about – nostalgia and a celebration of everything rural, quaint and cosy. The Cottagecore trend …


Ethereal Names For Your Next Baby

Ethereal has been defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “pertaining to or consisting of the finest or most sensitive electrons in an atom.” To put it simply, this means something that is light and delicate. It is also typically used to describe anything too beautiful for this earth, or maybe not of this world. …