With Halloween around the corner, it is the perfect time to inform yourself about some spookier aesthetics that you can utilise over the holiday; and we’re not meaning costumes you can wear on the night, but a whole aesthetic you can use to get in the spirit of Halloween all throughout October.

We are beginning to see pumpkins in windows and on doorsteps, spooky decorations being hung, and our minds are being filled with costume ideas for parties and trick or treating. Whether it’s for a full costume or a seasonal aesthetic change, we have the perfect character for you: a witch.

Witchcore is an aesthetic that many participate in not just for the Halloween season, but all year round. If this sounds like you, then continue reading for our full guide to Witchcore.

witch inspired setting with candles and a skull

What Is Witchcore?

It may sound fairly simple, but some of you may still be questioning – well, what even is Witchcore? As the name suggests, this aesthetic community is based around the common characteristics of witches and is a subgenre of Cottagecore.

However, don’t think that its ties to the warm and cozy Cottagecore means this aesthetic is in any way dainty or bright – it draws inspiration from witchcraft, including potion making and spell casting. On top of these traditional representations of witches, Witchcore includes elements of gem collecting due to the belief they hold special powers.

Where those in the Cottagecore community aim to create a sense of nostalgia, Witchcore is focused on self-growth, personal energy, and the unknown. It is more than donning a point hat and putting warts on your face on the 31st of October; it is an entire community that has changed their lifestyle to one of mystery and magic.

Woman holding candle in darkness

Witchcore Fashion

Though a long black cape and a pointy hat may be the first thing that comes to mind for witch fashion, we implore you to look into the style more, as you will find it to be stylish and exciting.

Of course, you can wear capes and hats, but the Halloween costume can be replaced with pieces heavily inspired by gothic aesthetics mixed with the vintage aspects of Cottagecore.

The clothing pieces we recommend you use to build your wardrobe include:

  • Lace – finding tops, slip dresses and other pieces with lace detailing are a perfect way to set the tone for Witchcore subtly
  • Flower crowns – there is nothing that screams whimsy like wearing a flower crown in a forest
  • Maxi Dresses – like a cape, dark maxi dresses are the perfect piece to wear to channel gothic influence and modesty
  • Vintage dresses – specifically white vintage dresses as they create a sense of whimsy and freedom alongside the gothic elements
  • Creepers and laced boots – choose dark colours that are bold (and maybe intimidating)
  • Bare-feet – bare-feet is the best way to achieve the witchcore aesthetic in your everyday fashion choices
woman holding candle in dark forest

Witchcore Visuals

Witchcore is an aesthetic that heavily relies on its visuals; they are virtually what makes up the basis of its style. You cannot create the atmosphere of the trend without utilising certain visual elements and building a visible style.

On top of this, these visuals are a great start for building the interior design of your spaces by filling your home with witchy accents.

In terms of colours, those in this community involve black, purple, green, and orange – the typical Halloween colours that help create a dark and eerie atmosphere.

The visual motifs to include in your lifestyle include:

  • Glass bottles – this is perfect for potions and showcasing things such as dried flowers
  • Forests – these are dark and eerie, perfect for a witch’s home
  • Mushrooms – these fungi are the perfect combo of the beauty in nature and magic, as well as its connotations with both fairies and pixies
  • Lanterns and candles – a very traditional light source that is perfect for creating a gloomy setting
  • Moss – this assists in creating the perfect atmosphere
  • Skulls – this is a classic witch motif
  • Potions – you cannot have a witchy environment without having some potions!
  • Crystals – by charging your crystals under the moonlight, crystals will have special properties that assist in healing and protection
  • Tea – we all know tea leaves can predict the future
  • Plants – plants are a source of life, therefore they have healing properties and benefits
  • Cobwebs – these have always been gothic, so it’s a perfect motif
  • Tarot cards – a visual clue of the future are perfect for your space
  • Wands – what would be a more witchy motif?
a perfect example for a witchcore guide

Witchcore Decor

A fantastic way to appreciate the Witchecore aesthetic is through interior design – the way you match your clothes to your aesthetic, you can decorate your space to make it more comfortable for you.

Some of our favourite ways to decorate your room or home is:

  • Apothocary scenes
  • Candles
  • Plants
  • Tarot cards
  • Velvet textiles
  • Gold accents
  • Dried flowers
  • Rugs
  • Jars and vases
  • Moon imagery

Witchcore is a large community on social media, with people participating all year round, not just over the fall season.

If you want to feel a further part of this aesthetic, some activities you can participate in include spending time in the woods (please do this in safe ways), charging crystals, learning potions and spells, and watching witch-inspired movies.

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