There certainly is an aesthetic out there for everyone; one of our favourite offshoots of the Cottagecore trend is Grandmacore. This newly trending aesthetic is a category within Grandparentcore, where you can also find Grandpacore.

This may be overwhelming for some, but it’s not only important, it’s fun to investigate these similar aesthetics to find one that perfectly suits you and your identity

Although Grandmacore is a less popular cousin of Cottagecore, there is a strong community that provide information and visuals for the trend.

If you want to learn about this cozy, floral aesthetic and how it could be integrated into your life, than continue reading!

What is Grandmacore?

What is Grandmacore?

As you might be able to guess from its title, Grandmacore heavily relates to the stereotypical depiction of grandparents – comfortable clothing, floral accents and neutral tones.

The aesthetic is truly focused on simplicity and the things we individually enjoy the most in life – seemingly naïve at first, Grandparentcore (and therefore Grandmacore and Grandpacore) actually requires a high level of knowledge and skills in a few key topics and/or activities.

Because the core values of Grandparentcore stem from old, vintage or even antique ideas, there is the implication that things were either used or invented a while ago.

And don’t be fooled, while some may believe that Grandmacore is the feminine Grantparentcore and Grandpacore is the masculine Grandparentcore, they are ungendered groups that fit under the same umbrella – they tend to overlap in some areas and borrow from each other in a variety of ways.

Grandmacore in particular is based on simple home living and activities often associated with older women such as knitting, crocheting, gardening, reading and baking.


We have compiled a list of the common characteristics of Grandmacore:

  • Balls of yarn and knitting needles (maybe even some crochet hooks)
  • Hard candy and baked goods
  • Rocking chairs or comfortable arm chairs beside a fireplace
  • Doilies
  • A collection of matching teapots and teacups with saucers
  • Brightly coloured, floral printed furniture, often covered in plastic
  • Novelty items of one theme that is unique to each individual (i.e. bears, cats, flowers)
  • An organised home


Image of Grandmacore fashion

Although I am sure you can guess what the fashion for Grandmacore will look like, let’s go in-depth about the aesthetic fashion trends.

As with Cottagecore, this aesthetic steers towards a comfortable, nostalgic style. This will often involve soft materials – most commonly, knits or anything cozy enough to fall asleep in on an armchair.

If you’re interested in going all the way (or simply enjoy knitting, sewing and/or crocheting) you can even make your own clothing, which is not only fun but very sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The other main component of your Grandmacore wardrobe will be long, loose-fitting dresses or skirts. Anything that is relaxed, airy and easily paired with a sweater or loose-fitting top.

Flannel nightgowns, loose pajamas, slippers and large sleeping shirts are perfect for your restful night.

Below is a list of the ultimate Grandmacore clothing items:

  • Jumpers, preferably knitted
  • Neat, pulled back hair
  • Long dresses, often hand-made
  • Cardigans
  • Faded bathrobes
  • Aprons
  • Long skirts
  • Old jewellery, including brooches
  • Slippers
  • Nightgowns


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