As you may imagine, the Fairycore aesthetic focuses on fantasy, fairy (faerie), and elf mythology. Imagine butterflies, sparkling magic, soft pastels, small animals, and flowers – basically, springtime.

Fey-like creatures from every mythology are included in this aesthetic; Scottish, Native American, Celtic, Japanese, Nordic, French, German, etc. Not only traditional Fae and fairies, but also mermaids, shapeshifters, elves, nymphs, and ghostly figures.

This aesthetic community is very similar to Pixiecore, Goblincore, and Cottagecore. Like many of these trends, the term Fairycore was coined on Tumblr, and became popular among those who are interested in incorporating aspects and concepts of mythology into their personal identity.

Fairycore Visuals

blurred night sky

For the Fairycore aesthetic, you will see many photographs edited to be soft, with vibrant colours, and a slight blur – on top of this, a sparkle effect is very common. Some community members may add wings, flowers, mushrooms, and other Fairycore motifs in their images to enhance the aesthetic.

The visuals for this aesthetic are multifaceted; what one likes, you may not, and that’s okay. Choose what you like best, and incorporate it into your outfits and lifestyle in ways that make you feel best.

Our favourite Fairycore visuals include:

  • cute bugs
  • nature paths
  • forests
  • butterflies
  • fairy lights
  • swamps
  • fields – especially filled with flowers
  • vines
  • cozy cabins
  • fairy wings
  • gingham
  • clotheslines
  • mushrooms
  • trees
  • picnics
  • rivers, streams and creeks
  • cute and gentle forest animals
  • throw blankets
  • flowers
  • tall, thick grass
  • overgrown buildings

Fairycore Fashion

woman in forest

If you are unsure about what to wear in the Fairycore aesthetic, simply imagine typical imagery of fairies and fae; outfits worn in the community will commonly share an Ethereal vibe and be heavily inspired by Cottagecore, nature, and the past.

Our favourite items for Fairycore outfits include:

  • dresses
  • elf ears (can be bought or hand-sculpted)
  • wire-rimmed glasses
  • platform shoes
  • glittery, shimmery, or glowy makeup
  • vests
  • loose hairstyles, both down, in a messy bun, or in quick braids
  • unpainted nails
  • fairy wings
  • bows and ribbons
  • slippers, open-toed shoes or no shoes at all
  • puffy dresses
  • leg warmers
  • knee-high socks
  • long, golden jewellery
  • moonstone and opal rings
  • fingerless gloves
  • corsets

Fairycore Hobbies

woman with flowers on her face

One of the best ways to participate in aesthetics outside of your fashion choices is to partake in hobbies and activities that are heavily related to the theme.

For those involved in the Fairycore aesthetic, hobbies you can participate in include:

  • drawings
  • pressing flowers
  • scavenging or searching for shiny objects
  • LARP or RPG
  • picking wild berries
  • gardenings
  • playing harmless pranks on people
  • writing
  • attending Renaissance festivals
  • embroidery, sewing, or knitting
  • reading

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