While drawing some natural elements from Cottagecore or Naturecore aesthetics, Witchcore revolves more around fashion and beauty. However, the rules can easily be transferred into home décor.

Witchcore is a small aesthetic community that focuses their life around themes of witchcraft, magic and the mysteries of the metaphysical world.

This can mean anything from adding a few crystals and tarot cards into your bedroom décor to a whole lifestyle change of burning sage and practicing wicca and magick.

We have created the ultimate guide to decorating your bedroom for the witchy aesthetic.

Dark and Light

Image of our favourite Witchcraft décor

There are two very simple colour themes when it comes to decorating for the Witchcore aesthetic: light and dark.

When we say ‘dark’, we typically refer to moody colours (including neutrals, dark navy, black and beiges) that work together to create a magical atmosphere.

We suggest you add in lighter, earthy tones (including beige, lavender and corals) to soften the darker tones, therefore creating a warm, inviting space that is safe for all.

Wall Décor

Image of wall décor

One of the most important element of any witchy aesthetic room is the wall décor.

The most common items you can find for wall décor include dream catchers, vintage mirrors, hanging ivy vines, moon/star shaped patterns, tarot card tapestries, dried herbs/flowers, glass jars or potion wall hangings.

In particular, you might want to find some wicca or pagan symbology – Etsy is a great place for this.

Witchcore Furniture

Image of Witchcore furniture

The best furniture you can get to achieve the Witchcore aesthetic is dark woods and natural.

We highly suggest vintage cabinets, timber shelves and potion shelves.

These items will help you achieve an atmosphere similar to a dark cabin in the woods all while in your room.

Witchcore Bedding

Image of Witchcore bedding

A great way to start the process of creating a witchy bedroom is by trading in your white bedding with black or neutral duvets and comforters.

Throw a soft throw blanket across the end of your bed and add a bunch of black and white fuzzy cushions to make it even better.

Witchcore Décor

Image of Witchcore décor

We’ve talked about wall décor, but what about everywhere else?

The best finishing touches to your witchy room includes small accent items such as incense holders, crystals, lots and lots of candles, spell books, skulls, crystal balls, warm string lights and whatever slightly creepy items you can find at your thrift store.

Witchcore Lighting

Image of Witchcore lighting

The ultimate lighting to create a mysterious, warm and witchy atmosphere in your bedroom is really warm lighting.

You will want to avoid bright white/blue lights as they completely ruin the witchy vibe.

The best way to achieve this moody atmosphere is through string lights and candles.

If you’re interested in the Cottagecore aesthetic, check out our guide to building the ultimate cottagecore lifestyle!

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