Because Cottagecore has become one of the most popular and attention-demanding aesthetics of 2021 and 2022, we have built the ultimate Cottagecore Fashion Guide.

The Cottagecore fashion aesthetic mainly consists of peasant silhouettes, muted colours, and delicate floral patterns – all elements which are rapidly becoming an obsession for all of us.

Escapism is defined as the tendency so seek distraction and relief from reality by seeking out a fantasy life. 

The Coronavirus pandemic has promoted the Cottagecore aesthetic through intense desire to live a simple, rural life in the comfort of your home. 

Therefore, many people are beginning to seek escapism and new outlets for the difficulties of reality throughout the pandemic and the period-inspired, soft, whimsical and ethereal nature of the Cottagecore aesthetic has offered simplicity than has made many feel more relaxed and safe.

While other trends such as light academia, dark academia and fairy grunge are threatening to take over, Cottagecore is continuing to surge, even more now as we are progressing to post-Covid.

If you are new to the Cottagecore aesthetic, be sure to check out our article explaining what Cottagecore is and why it is so popular. 

Four Cottagecore Outfit Ideas

The Cottagecore Dress

Image of girl twirling in Cottacgecore fashion

The ideal dress for the Cottagecore aesthetic is loose-fitting, floaty, flowy and covered in delicate floral patterns. 

As for colour palettes, the Cottagecore fashion style sticks to neutrals – brown, baby pink, olive green, ivory, maroon, beige, and oche. In addition, you could include other dusty colours such as faded rose-pink, light yellow and baby blue.

In particular, Cottagecore inspired dresses must be reminiscent of farm or cottage wear from the 1920s up to the 1950s.

This means your dresses should include stripes, paisley, faded floral and gingham village prints.

The Cottagecore Overalls

Image of girls in boat with flowers

The overalls are one of the fashion trends that are coming back with a vengeance – which we think is so fun!

However, the modern overalls aren’t what you want if you’re going for the Cottagecore aesthetic. Instead, opt for the oversized, super boxy overalls that can usually be found in your dad’s wardrobe.

What you want is functional and comfortable overalls with printed and.or embroidered patterns and images of bugs, insects, wildflowers, and more.

The Cottagecore Layering

One of the main components of Cottagecore fashion is oversized clothing with big pockets, puffy sleeves, ruffles and layering.

Not only are these pieces extremely versatile, but they are cosy and that is exactly what the Cottagecore aesthetic is all about.

Image of woman in sweater drinking hot drink

We all know that there is nothing better than covering up with big, baggy layers when the temperature begins to drop. 

The ideal Cottagecore winter outfit is a sweater that is two sizes too big paired with a mini skirt.

If that does not suit you, you can opt for a tunic dress with a flowing floral shirt for the perfect Cottagecore outfit.

Finally, the key to perfecting the layering Cottagecore style is to make your clothing loose-fitting and well balanced.

Cottagecore Accessories

Image of hat on womans lap

We all know that the key to any fashion trend is the right accessories – and to get in touch with the Cottagecore lifestyle, simple, artisanal is the best.

For example, hand-crafted jewellery, floral socks, resin hair clips, macramé bracelets and knitted hats.

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