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Behind Cottagecore Art

Cottagecore has taken the internet by storm, becoming increasingly popular among younger generations. The aesthetic lifestyle emerged as a response to the fast-paced, technology-driven society with an emphasis on simplicity and tranquillity of rural living. The lifestyle celebrates crafts, cooking, baking, sustainable living to generate a source of comfort and inspiration for all who decide to …

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How To Create A Cottagecore Aesthetic Room

If you are looking to turn your typical, minimalistic (and maybe a little messy) room into a whimsical and charming Cottagecore space, you’ve come to the right post! The Cottagecore aesthetic is promoting a lifestyle that is stress-free and inspired by a romanticised idea of the past and interpretation of western agricultural life. The entire …

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Cottagecore DIY Ideas

Are you wanting to achieve the perfect Cottagecore aesthetic in your home? Well, we’re here to teach you all about the trend and how you can create your very own vintage-inspired DIY pieces! What Is Cottagecore? Cottagecore grew from social media platforms Tumblr and TikTok promoting a romanticised view of simple living. Many quickly fell …