The latest trend cruising its way through 2022 is the Cottagecore aesthetic – and it’s all because of TikTok. This means there are a lot of new Cottagecore fashion brands and stores.

The Cottagecore aesthetic reached peak popularity thanks to the global pandemic that caused people to seek escapism within the whimsical, soft, and period-inspired way of life that made their home more warm and comforting. 

If you’re new to the Cottagecore lifestyle, be sure to check out our Beginner Cottagecore Fashion Guide.

The Cottagecore lifestyle is all about simplicity, and while it is very similar to Fairycore fashion, the best Cottagecore outfits are made for farm and countryside life, not the magical world. 

Due to its rise in popularity, there are many great sources of Cottagecore clothing – here are the best Cottagecore fashion brands of 2022!

Hill House Home

Image of a Cottagecore fashion brand

Hill house Home is known for their Nap dresses, which is perfect to fulfil your Cottagecore fantasies. 

If you have never tried a similar dress, trust us when we say they are one of the most comfortable clothing items you will find on the market.

No matter what silhouette you decide to go with, be sure you will feel like you’re in your very own episode of Bridgerton.

Shop Hill House Home

Love Shack Fancy

Image of Love Shack Fancy

This brand is one of the best Victorian-fashion-inspired that you will be able to find, selling upcycled Cottagecore dresses, tops and bottoms.

You can find anything from low-key, affordable outfits to fancier dresses for any special events.

Shop Love Shack Fancy

Petal + Pup

Image of Petal + Pup

Australia’s leading trendy womenswear brand is Petal + Pup, catering Cottagecore dresses in large and extra-large sizes.

If you are a modern romantic that has a desire to dress in timeless feminine outfits that are reminiscent of bygone eras, then Petal + Pup is right for you.

Shop Petal + Pup

Cotton On

Image of Cotton on

Cotton on is one of our favourite brands if you want to curate an affordable, beautiful and unique Cottagecore wardrobe

This store has some great French fashion inspired clothing, with a clear focus on romanticism and feminine.

Shop Cotton On


Image of Etsy

I am sure we all know about the global marketplace Etsy, and it is the perfect place to find unique and creative Cottagecore fashion pieces.

More than that, you can find more than just Cottagecore fashion, you can find the best aesthetic pieces for your home or beauty routine – Etsy has it all.

Etsy is one of the best places you can go to find extraordinary, special pieces that you can’t find anywhere else – from handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures, this is the best online store for anyone wanting to start their Cottagecore transition.

Shop Etsy


Image of cottagecore fashion brand Reformation

In 2009, Reformation began by selling vintage clothing before transitioning into a Los Angeles based storefront focusing on effortless Cottagecore silhouettes, celebrating the feminine.

Shop Reformation

Urban Outfitters

Image of Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is the perfect store for you if you are looking for mid-ranged Cottagecore fashion.

The brand created clothing inspired by cuts and designs inspired by past decades, bringing the past back and attempting to preserve traditional craftsmanship and farm-based lifestyle.

Shop Urban Outfitters

Free People

Image of Free People

Around the world, Free People are providing buyers with clothing reminiscent of romance and free spirits.

Free People have meticulously curated their fashion that are meant to inspire the Cottagecore daydreamers.

Shop Free People

Christy Dawn

Image of Christy Dawn

If you’re into the more dark version of Cottagecore, you need to look into Christy Dawn – a brand that aims to live and work in harmony with nature. 

Shop Christy Dawn


Image of Sea

Sea launched in 2017 with the aim to reimagine modern and rustic clothing styles.

Their combination of prairie-inspired dresses with sculptural elements is the highlight of the brand, embodying everything we love about the Cottagecore aesthetic.

Shop Sea

I hope you found this article helpful in choosing the best Cottagecore fashion brands for you.

While I have included more affordable brands, one core belief behind the Cottagecore lifestyle is sustainability and quality, so be sure to be confident when selecting your favourite Cottagecore pieces.

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