Cottagecore has taken the internet by storm, becoming increasingly popular among younger generations. The aesthetic lifestyle emerged as a response to the fast-paced, technology-driven society with an emphasis on simplicity and tranquillity of rural living. The lifestyle celebrates crafts, cooking, baking, sustainable living to generate a source of comfort and inspiration for all who decide to change their lives.

Alongside fashion, home décor and beauty, it has made its way into the art world, inspiring a range of artists and their creations. Utilised as a backlash against modern life can be seen in the rise of Cottagecore art, with a significant emphasis on the natural world, domesticity, and nostalgia.

Introduction to Cottagecore Art

Cottagecore art is a genre that draws from a range of styles and techniques; rural landscapes, idyllic cottages, floral arrangements, and whimsical creatures. The artistic trend has become a popular art style for artists who desire escape from modern life.

Common Artistic Themes

Cottagecore is beloved for bringing a sense of peacefulness and simplicity to a persons life, with its art depicting nature, rural life, and traditional crafts. Common themes in the style include a  celebration of flora and fauna through the portrayal of quaint countryside living, cottages, farmhouses, and pastoral scenes.

Cottagecore Art involved a romanticised view of rural living with the aim of creating a nostalgic and idyllic version of an earlier time. The use of traditional crafts such as quilting, embroidery, ceramics is a significant feature due to the significant value of handmade items and homely warmth.

Different Mediums

Despite what you may believe, Cottagecore art is much more than just painting and drawing – there are many other mediums people can explore!

Artists create unique and beautiful pieces through embroidery, paper cutting, photography, and quilting, each of which come with their own set of challenges and opportunities, allowing artists to tap into their creativity.

Popularity and Criticisms

Some critics have expressed concerns about romanticising an idealised past, believing that it erases the hardships and inequalities of rural life and the commodification and commercialisation of the genre by corporations. Some argue it has predominately white, Eurocentric and heterosexual themes that perpetuate exclusivity and marginalise other voices and identities.

Despite this, many believe that Cottagecore art, and its entire lifestyle, inspires and captivates, emanating a source of comfort and imagination.

Cottagecore art offers a soothing and romanticised vision of pastoral life that continues to resonate with many around the world. The aesthetic continues to flourish both online and in the art world, offering a delightful escape for all.

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