Now that we’ve survived the majority of worldwide lockdowns and global pandemics, we can acknowledge how the challenges we faced how helped us grow and develop our lives in many ways. This includes our style, interior design, or simply the way we view our lifestyles as a whole.

In terms of inspiration for these mindset shifts, social media has built a platform for increasing the popularity of trends, aesthetics, and communities that otherwise were underground but highlight the shift in attitudes towards our technological and city lifestyles.

It really is not surprising that the Cottagecore aesthetic has grown so large over the last 3 years; promoting a lifestyle that is simple and self-sufficient in a time when grocery stores were bare and our lives were heavily restricted. Many made an easy shift into the dreamy haze of tweed, boots and overalls.

This isn’t to say it can be difficult to make the shift – whether you’re making an entire lifestyle swap or just redesigning your fashion style. Many may not know how to start their style reinvention journey, so we’ve got you sorted!

We have covered a lot of the feminine side of these popular trends, so today we’re giving you a look into styling Cottagecore for those wanting a more masculine appearance. Altering your style to the one you enjoy is a huge confidence and self-esteem boost, so follow along with our guide to transform your wardrobe – and, by extension, your life.

What Is Cottagecore Fashion?

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We’re sure you’ve at least seen snippets of the Cottagecore aesthetic floating around social media, and the Pinterest inspirational photos are enough to convert anyone into a Cottagecore lover. It’s hard to not want to completely uphaul your life and adopt the Cottagecore lifestyle altogether.

Regardless of how much Cottagecore content you’ve seen online, you might not understand the depths of the lifestyle and what its fashion truly entails – especially the more masculine side of the aesthetic. But, don’t worry, we’re here to help you!

The Origins of Cottagecore Fashion

While you may have an understanding of what Cottagecore fashion looks like, that is not the truest representation of the roots and the depths of the trend.

The easiest way to describe this lifestyle is this: it is a lifestyle that appreciates and derives from the simplicity of the past, romanticisation of your own life, and harmony with yourself and the world around you.

On that note, we are here to understand the Cottagecore fashion, not the lifestyle as a whole. The fashion trends stem from the romantic, harmonious lifestyle, with a focus on presenting this through your style.

What Fabrics To Look For

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One of the easiest way to achieve a Cottagecore wardrobe is to search for the correct materials and fabrics to use; this will not only help you better understand how to build looks, but assist you in choosing individual pieces to add to your closet.

As we’ve noted, inspiration for Cottagecore fashion is almost entirely taken from history. Think about families focused on agricultural work, living in rural towns instead of developed cities, and making their own supplies, almost completely self-sufficient. This era plays an integral role in the materials and style of clothing the community wears.

For instance, men farmers of the past would typically wear flannel and plaid shirts and linen pants, with touches of tweed. The clothing was more natural, and expressed a rustic feel that you just can’t get in modern clothing.

During warmer seasons, Cottagecore takes inspiration from wearing lighter fabrics; cotton and linen are most common. These materials allow you to stay cool during the hot weather so you can still go outside to garden, care for animals and wander.

During cooler seasons, the Cottagecore community will rug up in chunky sweaters, cosy knits, and items made from nautral materials such as wool to keep warm.

Masculine Cottagecore Colour Palettes

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Like any other style or fashion aesthetic, Cottagecore follows a basical colour palette that can assist you in finding items.

Generally, the materials we discussed previously will come in light, neutral colours which are perfect fo this style: Cottagecore is designed with a neutral and natural colour scheme in mind.

Colours you should look out for are off-whites, beiges, browns and dark greens. For hints of colour, you should opt for pastels over brightness.

How Do Guys Fit In?

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While the Cottagecore comminuty is heavily involved with the LGBTQA+ community, a majority of the media you see about the aesthetic include women.

But men can be a part of the Cottagecore communtiy, and there are many ways they can adapt the trend to be more masculine (if this is what you’re looking for).

Cottagecore is not limited to women, and though the motifs are often associated with the “feminine”, if this style makes you feel comfortable and happy, anyone can pull it off.

The Cottagecore style is heavily subjective and flexible; wear clothes that suit your body and make you feel best as well as ensuring they are comfortable.

If you want to opt for a masculine spin on the soft Cottagecore look, then we are here to help!


Demin is the perfect gender-neutral item to include in your wardrobe! On top of this, denim assists in emphasising a more masculine side of any aesthetic due to its rugged appearance.

In particular, men’s overalls allow you to appear strong and farmer-like, and its an option that you can easily pair with anything you want – t-shirts, sweaters, cardigans and more.

As a bonus, overalls aren’t made to be worn perfectly; you can wear one shoulder undone by unbottoning it from the from, or with stains and dirt all over them. In reality, this makes the look all the more charming.

You can also add denim materials through your jackets, and add dimension through layering to add a masculine touch.

Waistcoats and Vests

In cool weather, the best way to achieve warmth is to layer your clothing; this is where waistcoats and vests com in handy, and we suggest you have plenty on hand.

Whether you simply wear one over a simple shirt on a slightly cool day, or under multiple layers on really cold ones, these items are a very easy addition to any outfit for some masculine flair.

Button Down Shirt

Button downs are the perfect look for any Cottagecore look, but especially masculine Cottagecore looks. Whether you decide to wear linen or flannel depending on the weather, they are the perfect addition to every outfit.

Button downs are traditonally masculine, so they are perfect for this aesthetic.


Our Favourite way to add a masculine element to any Cottagecore look is through accessories.

This could be a tweed cap, jewellery, leather belts, and watches – truly, the sky is the limit.

Brands To Look Out For

Now that we have considered the basics, you can go forth and start shopping for them! Our favourite brands to shop at include:

  • Hollister
  • Soulmia
  • Etsy
  • ASOS

You can be sure to find your ultimate masculine Cottagecore wardrobe through this tips and brands.

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