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5 Quaint Cottagecore Wedding Venues

Close your eyes and imagine your perfect wedding day for a moment. Was it an English cottage, with ivy-covered walls, bouquets of wildflowers, rough-hewn wooden tables, overgrown gardens, lush landscapes, antique decorations, rolling meadows, and fresh fruits and vegetables? Well, if it was, then we’re with you. While many other popular aesthetics of the recent …

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Cottagecore Christmas Gift Guide

Cottagecore girls (and boys and non-binary) don’t want boys, they want Cottagecore presents for Christmas! I’m certain we all know what Cottagecore is by now, it’s only been all over social media since the beginning of the global pandemic, causing us to with for a peaceful, self-fulfilled life in the countryside. Those who choose to participate …

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5 Aesthetic Halloween Costumes

We’re getting close to Halloween, so for those who have yet to determine their costume, it’s time to figure out what you’re going to wear! We have compiled a list of costume ideas for 5 different popular aesthetics that will be perfect for any Halloween event this year! Whether you want to be dressed as …