The popularity of the Cottagecore aesthetic has truly surged in recent years, people of all ages, genders and backgrounds found themselves immersed in an offshoot of a vintage and rustic aesthetic.

The Cottagecore community is the perfect combination of simplicity and fantasy. The basis of the aesthetic is to create a nostalgic atmosphere, that is charming and enchanting.

Cottagecore is rooted in sustainability and mindfulness; this is why we typically describe it as a lifestyle, not just a trend. The members of this aesthetic revolve their live around slowing down and enjoying a connection with nature.

The Cottagecore aesthetic is the culmination of years spent within a fast-paced, technology-driven world.

girl watering garden

1: The Promotion of a Slower Life

The past few years have greatly developed the Cottagecore community; with a significant rise in technological advances, shortening attention-spans, and being trapped inside our homes, many desired a slower, more self-sustaining lifestyle that released anxiety and reduced stress.

Promoting a slower life, the Cottagecore community is the perfect solution for the fatigue of everyday modern life. The aesthetic is based on a romanticized vision of rural life, emphasising simplicity, mindfulness and a connection with nature.

The community largely values vintage charm, tradition, simplicity and natural elements. If you decide to embrace the Cottagecore aesthetic, and incorporate it into your life, you can escape the chaos most experience in the modern world to a quaint environment that promotes peace and contentment.

It is truly no wonder so many women are choosing to become a Cottagecore Girl.

woman in linen apron with flowers in pocket

2: Versatility in Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle

One of the main reasons so many people have been transforming their lives to incorporate this rural aesthetic: it’s super versatile. The aesthetic, and it’s various sub-aesthetics, can be seamlessly incorporated into your personal fashion, beauty routine, home décor, and lifestyle. In particular, the pastel and soft palette the aesthetic is known for has gained significant popularity in recent years.

Following many other trends, Cottagecore relies on ideas of sustainability and eco-friendly themes; sewing your own clothes, eating from your own garden, reusing when possible, and so much more.

Taking inspiration from simpler times, Cottagecore’s versatility is the ideal choice for those who desire a life with warmth, sustainability and cosiness.

cottagecore nature

3: A Celebration of Nature and the Beauty of the Natural World

The Cottagecore community celebrated the natural world and it’s beauty; so not only is it ideal for those who crave simplicity, but it is the perfect lifestyle for those who enjoy spending time outdoors. Whether it’s going for a walk in meadows, tending your own garden, picnicking in fields, or knitting in front of a fireplace, the Cottagecore community encourages all to immerse themselves in nature and enjoy it’s pleasures.

We don’t just mean it’s visually pleasing aspects; research has found a correlation between improved mental health and physical well-being and amount of time spent in nature.

It is clear to those within the Cottagecore community that valuing the natural world and craving a connection to it is an integral aspect of a happy and fulfilling life.

sustainable living

4: Sustainability and Ethical Living

Most don’t simply choose the Cottagecore aesthetic for it’s style – many appreciate it’s promotion of sustainability and ethical living. As concerns for climate change and commercialism grow in younger generations, many are seeking ways they can live a sustainable lifestyle that is more ethical.

Embodying a simpler way of life, Cottagecore focuses on nature, traditional crafts, and sustainable practices. If you choose to embrace this aesthetic lifestyle, you are promoting a mindful and responsible approach to living life.

You can embrace this through DIY projects, upcycling, and thrifting; which I’m sure most of us do often either way. Community members use these systems to reduce their impact of the environment and support a circular economy.

girl twirling in meadow

5: Positive Emotions, Reduced Stress and Improved Mental Health

If you decide to embrace the Cottagecore aesthetic, you will be among individuals who seek an escape from the fast-paced, modern world and desire comfort and nostalgia in their everyday lives.

Cottagecore is an aesthetic based on an idyllic rural lifestyle and country living; picture quaint cottages, thriving gardens and vintage items. The community has grown into a full-blown movement that promotes simplicity, sustainability, and a connection with nature that is incredibly beneficial for your mental and physical health.

Studies have proved that positive nostalgic experiences help in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression while promoting creativity and connections to others. The Cottagecore community if a way to provide yourself with a sense of peace, simplicity and comfort in your day to day life.

There is a reason Cottagecore has increasingly become popular. It invites a return to nature, simplicity and a slow paced lifestyle that provides an escape from the modern fast-paced world. This aesthetic community provides comfort and connection, building a sense of community and sustainability they believe is integral to living a fulfilling life.

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