I’m sure we all know the romantic, whimsical aesthetic that has been sweeping across social media throughout the pandemic, but have you heard of its new interpretation – dark cottagecore?

If you want to live a simple life, spending your days baking, farming, gardening and living in nature, but you don’t personally connect with the pastels and pastoral aesthetic, we can assure you’ll love the darker interpretation of Cottagecore.

If you want to find out more about what Dark Cottagecore (or Gothic Cottagecore) and how to put it into practice, then continue reading!

What is Dark Cottagecore?

Image of what dark Cottagecore is

It’s a fairly simple concept to understand – Dark Cottagecore is the dark version of the Cottagecore aesthetic that has recently gained popularity online. Those within the community are invested in the idea of being surrounded by nature and sustaining yourself off the grid.

The core values included harmony and simplicity – which involves caring for the world (animals and plant-life included) every day.

Cottagecore, heavily inspired by 19th-century European farm life, is described as a warm, happy and welcoming aesthetic that stem from feelings of nostalgia and whimsy.

The movement grew in popularity during the pandemic as a way for people to escape their stress and anxiety (or their social media and phones) and head back into nature without the deadlines, chores and noise of city life.

And as is always the case, whenever there is a bright movement, there needs to be a dark counterpart. Dark Cottagecore involves the same motifs such as forests, baking, and country life with the incorporation of gothic elements.

Imagine mushrooms and thorns rather than fields of colourful flowers, fairies are exchanged for witches.

The aesthetics share the deep value and respect for mother nature, but admire different aspects: where Cottagecore admires the beauty, Dark Cottagecore admires the destruction.

Dark Cottagecore Fashion

Image of dark Cottagecore fashion

In terms of Dark Cottagecore fashion, there is a large crossover with Ravencore with its gothic tones over warm colours.

This new version of the aesthetic is dominated by faded browns, dirty yellows, and deep greens with clothes made on linen, cotton and denim.

To spice up your Dark Cottagecore clothing, decorate the with ruffles, lace and embroidery – if you want to go even more extravagant, add pearls, gems, crosses or chokers to your look.

The main inspiration for Dark Cottagecore fashion stems from rural farmers a few centuries ago – as well as what we see when we think of witches.

If you want to start your Dark Cottagecore wardrobe, we recommend you find flowing capes, overalls, long dresses, skirts and aprons.

In terms of shows, find yourself some loafers, Chelsea boots, knit socks, lace boots and clogs.

Your makeup should stay fairly simple, including earthy tones – though it is very popular to include a bold smoky eye, dark lips and/or winged liner.

But make sure you wear what makes you feel most comfortable!

Here are some of our favourite images to use for Dark Cottagecore inspiration:

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