We may want to leave the city and move into a cottage where our activities include hiking, swimming, or kayaking, but for many of us, this is not an achievable dream. We are likely stuck in our apartment, working 40 hours a week and taking every chance possible to live a more Cottagecore lifestyle.

This is where board games come in!

In our opinion, board games are a necessary pastime, since they can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere, no matter the location or the weather. Plus, they are extremely fun.

We all know Monopoly and Risk, as they’re super common board games, so we’re going to give you our ultimate list of board games that will break you out of your rut and increase your collection!


Kingdom Builder is a two-year-old strategy board game that is designed for two to four players. This game has often been described as a “construction game”, similar to Settlers of Catan where each player is tasked with building settlements and creating a kingdom.

Players are given 40 different-colored settlements and a singular terrain card. There are also three Kingdom Builder cards that assist players in earning gold, on which they can base their strategy. In the end, the player with the most gold is the winner.


Ticket to Ride is one of our favourite board games to play! This railway-themed game is designed for two to five players and it’s extremely easy to learn. You begin the game by handing out 45 coloured train pieces to each player with a matching score marker; four train cards (including passenger car, caboose, and tanker); and three destination ticket cards. The destination ticket cards can be used as the player’s goal: they are the places they are trying to connect with their railway.

During a player’s turn, they can draw two more railway cards, more destination tickets, or play a current card (which matches the colour of the player’s train pieces where they are claiming routes).

The game ends when one player has used all of their train pieces, and the winner is the person with the most points.


You need to try Forbidden Island if you like adventure games! It will be the perfect addition to any board game collection. Designed for two to four players, Forbidden Island can only be won with the effort of your entire team. The idea of the game is a group of adventures on an island in search of treasure. But there’s a catch: the island has been cursed to sink!

Along the way, players must race against obstacles to find the treasure and escape before the island sinks. Players must ensure their path is free from danger (which is more difficult than you’d expect) while turning over flood cards and trading with other team members in order to reach the helipad before the entire island sinks.


This mystery game is designed for two to five players aged 13 and up. When playing the game, one player is dubbed “the keeper”, this is someone who chooses which type of map to use during gameplay (including a church and university), and fills out a multiple-choice quiz that determines the games items, puzzles and events.

To finish the game, the investigator characters are tasked with figuring out the keeper’s “winning condition” – this is the only way they can win the game. While playing, players will find clues for this condition, and its important to find them.

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