The global lockdowns have derailed many of our lives, however, we can look on the positive side: it gave us all the opportunity to improve and develop ourselves – including our style.

In particular, social media platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr and TikTok have provided ample inspiration for masculine cottagecore fashion trends that are becoming increasingly popular.

It really is easy to understand why we have all fallen into a dreamy haze of boots and tweed jackets.

Changing your style, however, is daunting – especially when you have no idea where to start.

If you are looking for a new masculine cottagecore style, give yourself the opportunity to improve your style, confidence and self-esteem.

Follow our guide to understand everything about cottagecore fashion for men and how to transform your wardrobe!

What Is Cottagecore Fashion?

Image of Cottagecore style for men
Image from @Iri_have_a_gun

Cottagecore fashion for men, in its essence, is exactly the same as for women – just without the flowing dresses and skirts (unless you want to wear that, of course).

As you may have seen on your social media feeds, Cottagecore fashion revolves around romanticism and simplicity.

If you’re truly unsure about what Cottagecore fashion entails, and how you can transform your wardrobe to encompass it, stick around to find out!

Where Does Cottagecore Fashion Come From?

Image of Cottagecore male fashion
Found on Pinterest; no attribution was included

I’m sure you already have a rough idea of Cottagecore fashion outfits from the thousands of pictures you can find online, but really, Cottagecore is not just about fashion and beauty.

In fact, the Cottagecore lifestyle is essentially based off the simplicity of the past – in particular, the romanisation of life and harmony between yourself and nature.

Therefore, the Cottagecore fashion sense stems from this harmonious and romantic lifestyle that focuses on presenting core values through fashion, beauty and activities.

Best Materials For Cottagecore Fashion

Image of the best materials for Cottagecore
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One of the best ways to assist in changing your wardrobe and having a good understanding of the materials and fabrics commonly used – this will make it easier for you to choose new pieces.

Due to its inspiration from the past and agricultural work, we encourage you to look for flannel and plaid patterns for your shirts – and tweed for your jackets as it helps portray a natural, rustic vibe you just don’t get with modern fabrics.

Further, lighter fabrics like cotton and linen are perfect for your Cottagecore wardrobe, especially during summer.

During winter, it is good to look for clothing items made from natural wool and raw materials made for warmth such as chunky knits.

Cottagecore Fashion Colour Palette

Image of a male Cottagecore colour palette
Image from Storenvy

The best colours to wear if you’re dressing for the Cottagecore aesthetic include neutral colours such as light greens, beiges, off whites and browns.

You can also wear a pop of soft pastels.

Can A Guy Be Cottagecore?

Image of can a guy be Cottagecore
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Although most (if not all) of the pictures you see on social media of this aesthetic are of women, men can easily be a part of this aesthetic.

Cottagecore is filled with women implementing the style with flowing dresses and running through meadows, but you don’t see as many men.

The main component of this style is its overall warm, soft and comforting appearance that is often described as feminine – especially due to the flower motifs that are thrown throughout it.

But it is important you understand that Cottagecore is not made for only women, and everyone can pull it off.

Image of some Cottagecore male clothing
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Denim is a fantastic gender-neutral option for the cottagecore fashion style that can actually enhance the masculine side and give you a more rugged appearance.

In particular, denim overalls create a strong, farmer vibe that are easy to pair with every other piece of clothing.

Vests and Waistcoats

During spring or autumn (fall), vests and waistcoats are a fantastic way of adding layers without causing too much heat.

The simplest way to make an outfit look more masculine is to add a vest or waistcoat over a white or off-white shirt.

Button Down Shirts

In summer, a linen button down is perfect for a relaxed yet masculine Cottagecore aesthetic – and then flannel in the winter.

Button down shirts are possibly one of the most masculine pieces of clothing there is and it was also a staple in the era Cottagecore embraces.

Cottagecore is for everyone – if you find what you’re comfortable in, that is all that matters.

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