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What Is Fairycore? Our Ultimate Guide To The Fairy Folk Aesthetic

As you may imagine, the Fairycore aesthetic focuses on fantasy, fairy (faerie), and elf mythology. Imagine butterflies, sparkling magic, soft pastels, small animals, and flowers – basically, springtime. Fey-like creatures from every mythology are included in this aesthetic; Scottish, Native American, Celtic, Japanese, Nordic, French, German, etc. Not only traditional Fae and fairies, but also …

Fashion Seasonal

5 Aesthetic Halloween Costumes

We’re getting close to Halloween, so for those who have yet to determine their costume, it’s time to figure out what you’re going to wear! We have compiled a list of costume ideas for 5 different popular aesthetics that will be perfect for any Halloween event this year! Whether you want to be dressed as …


Our Favourite Fairycore Outfits

Have you been wanting some Fairycore fashion inspiration? Look no further! Fairycore, which is also know as Fairy Folk, is an aesthetic inspired by fantasy and elf mythology. For this aesthetic, there is a clear focus on butterfly, pastel, nature, flowers, magic and soft animal motifs – basically, a springtime vibe. Key colours of this …