There is a new aesthetic emerging! Let us introduce you all to the Earthy Aesthetic or Earthy Academia as it is also called.

This trend revolves around mythology, folklore, the supernatural, history, anthropology, botany, medicine and basically anything that centers around history, humanities, or nature. Think Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings or A Series of Unfortunate Events; gloomy, but with earth tones and linen.

The Earthy Aesthetic is perfect for those who enjoy writing poems, journaling, studying, travelling and collecting items, alongside many other exciting activities.

So let’s get into it: here are 5 Earthy Aesthetic outfits for you to enjoy!


The ultimate studying outfit is simply a pair of linen shorts and a turtleneck sweater paired with an oversized plaid shirt.

Accessorise with a belt, satchel, glasses and lace up shoes (our favourite are Converse). Wear your hair in a messy bun or in some braids so your hair isn’t in the way while you study.

Date Night

Our favourite date night outfit includes a long maxi skirt, puff sleeve top and a sweater vest. This seems very simply, but looks amazing paired together. It’s perfect no matter the weather or location of the date; you can have a picnic in the park, go on adventures, garden and so much more.

To elevate the look, add some small, black heels, a small over-the-shoulder purse and wear lots of gold jewellery (preferably thrifted for the vintage, used appearance).

The best hairstyle for this look is wearing it natural or slightly curled to add some romance.


When you’re running errands, you want to be comfortable, and that’s where the t-shirt and linen overalls combo comes in handy. This is one of our favourite outfits ever.

Pair with boots, a messenger bag and lots of rings.


If you’re going thrifting or to a flea market, you can’t go wrong with the sweater and straight leg pants combo. This outfit is timeless, and always looks cute.

Along with the tote bag, pair with some chunky shoes, gold necklaces and put your hair into a cute 90’s inspired ponytail.

Walking in Nature (long dress, belt, cardigan, small bag)

You can’t go wrong by pairing a belted dress with a cardigan if you’re going for a nice walk through nature – obviously this isn’t good for going hiking, we’re just meaning a stroll.

Cinch the waist in with a belt and pair them with a comfortable pair of shoes or sandals, a small over-the-shoulder bag and you drink of choice (we prefer an English Breakfast tea) and you can head on your way!

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