Cottagecore is a social media movement, also referred to as Farmcore and Countrycore, fosters the idea of living a simple, rural lifestyle. A life focused on local food, artisans, animals, forests, gardens, flowers and limited technology. So what is Cottagecore?

You can understand the meaning of the aesthetic by separating Cottagecore into its two words: cottage and core

The prefix, cottage, can be described as a small home with a big enough garden to feed a family. 

Core has been used to display new category or genre and relates to the hardcore punk music scene of the 1980s.

The movement originated in early 2017 on Instagram and Tumblr until recently when influencers began promoting the somewhat underground lifestyle on TikTok where it began gaining traction and, very quickly, global recognition by 2019.

At that point, the aesthetic of rural life and countryside scenery that was being circulated all over social media had yet to be named.

Now, in 2022, the term is almost a household word, with the cottagecore aesthetic being everywhere from online to offline, on social media and being used in not just design, but fashion, politics, beauty and so much more. 

This article will introduce you to everything cottagecore and what you need to become a cottagecore girl.

We will explore what makes the aesthetic, the fashion and style of cottagecore and what exactly is cottagecore.

Image of cottagecore and what it is

What is Cottagecore?

Urban Dictionary defines Cottagecore as an aesthetic lifestyle and fashion style that is heavily inspired by a romanticised rural and farm lifestyle.

Imagine the countryside, billowing peasant dresses, handmade crafts and artisanal fashion and houseware.

Often, we participate in Cottagecore activities without even realising – such as wearing ruffled dresses with floral prints or even finding refuge in rural settings.

Despite this, there is far more to the Cottagecore aesthetic than countryside peasant inspired clothing.

The Cottagecore Concept

Beyond the idea of a romanticised rural life and farm life, Cottagecore explores the aesthetics of rustic countryside and rural concepts.

In addition, it taps into and explores the existence of fairy-tale creatures such as witches, gnomes and fairies.

Therefore, simplicity and harmony with nature is the centre of the Cottagecore concept. 

According to Roman Jones, a social media influencer and author of Escape into Cottagecore, states that:

“Cottagecore embodies the idea of a sustainable lifestyle, in harmony with nature. Aesthetically, it’s a nod to the traditional, romantic, and nostalgic English countryside.”

The concept of Cottagecore is maybe more complex and encapsulates more than you might initially imagine – the aesthetic covers gardening, cooking, frolicking, clothing, beauty and so much more.

The Cottagecore Universe

In a broad sense, the Cottagecore universe was created as a way to protest capitalist-consumerist society that increased buying and screen time.

Fundamentally, the movement is one that focuses on an individual’s wellness and sustainability where there are no smartphones and minimal technology.

Beyond the requirements of running a domestic cottage and living like you’re in a village, there is no labour in a Cottagecore life.

A Cottagecore girl simply fulfils the simple, daily tasks of country life, reflecting their intense desire to live a quiet life away from technology, city streets and stress-inducing contemporary activities. 

Image of a Cottagecore girl walking in a field

How To Become A Cottagecore Girl

Although it may originate from the heart of English cultural history, you don’t have to live in England to live a Cottagecore lifestyle.

In fact, even in you live in the heart of New York or Dubai, you can have the perfect Cottagecore life right on your own sofa.

It is easy to go on Instagram or Pinterest and scroll for hours through pictures of meadows, nature, castles and flowy dresses. 

Save up your money and slowly begin to start buying cottagecore inspired outfits.

From time to time, maybe you could even handwrite a letter to your friend or family member.

Begin limiting your smartphone usage whenever you can; instead, tend to your garden and look after your pet/s.

Many people will only decorate their home to be warm and inviting during the holidays, but why not decorate it with the warm Cottagecore aesthetic all year round? 


Cottagecore is everywhere now – fashion, beauty, design, media and even politics.

The aesthetic is evolving fast and only time will tell if it becomes as popular and widely appreciated as styles such as dark academia or streetwear. 

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