Cottagecore has taken over the internet. We have put together the ultimate checklist for building a calming, pastoral lifestyle you’ve seen all over Instagram.

“We all need to escape from this reality of being caged in our own homes, daydreaming about an ideal life we could have after the crisis is over,” says Sofia Giuntoli, an Italian Cottagecore blogger running

This aesthetic takes inspiration from fairy tales, nostalgia, and the fantasy of creating a calming world. Cottagecore includes picnicking, searching for fresh flowers, baking, and gardening – all while Instagramming it.

Here is our checklist for building the ultimate Cottagecore lifestyle:

✔ Youthful Makeup

To achieve a youthful makeup look, simply apply a pink blush, and a red lip-tint to give yourself a sun-kissed appearance.

✔ Ethereal Appearance

Achieve an ethereal appearance with dainty jewelery, fake pointy ears, flowing clothing and curled hair.

✔ Nostalgic Style

Cottagecore is all about the nostalgia, so try to achieve a nostalgic style through vintage fashion and decor choices.

✔ Light and Airy

Choose dresses and skirts that are loose, this will create a loose and airy aesthetic.

✔ Pastel Palette

The best way of achieving the Cottagecore aesthetic is through a pastel colour palette.

✔ Florals

Florals on your decor and fabric are a great way to be a part of the Cottagecore community.

✔ Prairie-Inspired Outfits

Floral dresses, puff sleeves, and sandals achieve the prairie-inspired outfits.

✔ Silk at Night

Wear silk night gowns or matching pyjama sets at night for the perfect sleep.

✔ Charming Picnics

When you have a free day, you need to go on charming picnics with your friends and family.

✔ Flower Crowns

When on your picnics, make your very own flower crowns you can wear for a few days.

✔ Parasols and Fans

Add a parasol or fan to any outfit to give it an extra Cottagecore flare.

✔ Pearls & Vintage Jewelery

Pearls are the perfect addition to any Cottagecore outfit to add a more vintage aesthetic.

✔ Crafting

In your free time, embroider, knit, sew, and more. Crafting is the ultimate Cottagecore hobby.

✔ Baking

A Cottagecore home is best when it smells of fresh bread and sweets – spend some time each week baking things you enjoy the most.

✔ Fresh Flowers

Whether its in your garden, or store-bought in vases, your home needs fresh flowers.

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