It’s time to go into the attic or garage, pull out your decade-old box filled with plastic ornaments and tinsel, wreaths that are falling apart, and colorful lights that are hardly working and throw them away.

This year, join us in recreating some of your favorite holiday decoration ideas at home. It’s the perfect time to begin decorating your space for your Christmas plans if you haven’t already (we only have 2 weeks to go, people!), and find the spark of creativity needed to create a bigger and better experience than each past year.

That’s why we have rounded up our top ten Christmas decor ideas that you can quickly (and easily) make at home yourself or with your kids.

This list will go over DIY that will complete any merry makeover and is bound to spark that holiday joy in you and your family.

Once you’ve finished decorating your home, don’t forget to embrace your other holiday traditions such as baking gingerbread cookies, listening to holiday songs, and watching your favorite Christmas movies (aka The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, of course).

Popsicle Stick Wreath

This is one of our favorite DIY Christmas decor ideas! Simply use a hot glue gun to slick popsicle sticks together in a circular shape until you are happy with the size and shape – we suggest using around 3 different shades of green to add some depth to the wreath). Finish off the decoration by adding a beautiful red bow at the top, and a hook in the back so you can hang the Christmas wreath wherever you need.

Elevate Your Garland

For this DIY Christmas decor, grab yourself some gold paint (or even gold leaf, if you have it) and add it to some dried leaves and onto sections of your green garland. This small step will elevate your place setting, or just add a little bit extra to your mantel.

Reuse Your Lights

A great way to recycle some of your old LED twinkle lights (preferably white) is to stuff them into a glass lantern or vase. These decor items will add a beautiful warm glow to your front door or your living room and are super easy to achieve.

Personalized Place Settings

We’ve all seen the place settings where the host has printed the guest’s name on a piece of card (and that is still perfect), but a simple way to elevate this is by adding a personalized napkin ring to every napkin.

You will want to buy some pipe cleaners (in a color that matches your theme), twist them around the napkin to keep it secure, then shape the pipe cleaner into the shape of the guest’s initial.

Vintage Bulb Wreath

If you love going to your local thrift stores or flea markets, look around for vintage bulbs and twinkle lights so you can glue them together to form a wreath. You can even add some glitter to them as you go for some extra sparkle!

Use Felt To Your Advantage

We’ve all Googled how to fold our napkins over the holidays, so why not go simple this year? Fold your napkin into a rectangle and then place a piece of green felt cut into a Christmas tree on top. When cutting the tree, slice two slits in the middle to thread your cutlery through.

Festive Pillows

A great, small touch you can add to your Christmas decor is by adding some ribbons and bows. Pick out red or white throw pillows, and add the opposite ribbon with a little touch of greenery.

DIY a Doormat

If you want an upgrade from the typical plain coir mat, use a stencil and acrylic paint to add Christmas elements to your mats: Christmas trees, stripes, and more.

Mix Up The Tree Skirt

Don’t be scared, you don’t need a sewing machine for this DIY idea. Simply get craft store felt and cut it into your ideal shape – we highly recommend creating a scalloped cover.

Repurpose Wine Bottles

If you’re sick of throwing away lots of wine bottles (or maybe just one or two a week), then this is the DIY for you! Grab yourself an empty, and cleaned wine bottle, replace the label with some wrapping paper or ribbon and finish with a candle fitted into the top.

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