Cottagecore is currently the prettiest interior design trend – and don’t get us started on the fashion! This aesthetic has a strong focus on a romanticized view of rural and countryside life with meadows, wheat fields, country paths covered in plants and flowers, and living in small cottages.

These interiors are extremely appealing to almost everyone: they are simple to replicate and come without the drafts and creaky floorboards.

This aesthetic expresses itself through pattern, color, tartans, florals, and lace in one big messy union. The key to achieving the perfect look is purchasing antique and second-hand wooden furniture that feels well-lived and welcoming to all visitors and those that live in the space.

cottagecore furniture

Here are our 5 favorite furniture pieces:

Floral Armchair

If you want to look like you’re living in a cottage in the woods, then you need to look for furniture pieces that have more traditional shapes – aka, antique pieces. For sofas and armchairs, this will mean finding rolled arms, high backs, wooden feet and upholstery.

Wooden Crate Bench

A fantastic addition to any room is a wooden crate bench. Due to Cottagecore’s inclination for upcycling and upcycling, you could take a wooden crate on their side, and add cushioning to the top to create not only a seat but storage.

Spindle Dining Chairs

A staple in countryside living is the spindle-back dining chairs. Not only are these often really affordable, but they can be beautifully modern while keeping their vintage touch. To keep it truly Cottagecore, the chairs would often be mismatched, if that is something you would prefer.

cottagecore furniture pieces


A hutch is a perfect place to display your collections; no matter whether they are plates, teacups, or figurines. These furniture pieces are designed to be welcoming and warm and are a great place to tuck away some freshly baked bread or sweets as well.

Dry Sink

A dry sink is an incredibly unique piece to add to your collection. This piece of furntiure represents a different time in history, which was essential for many households. A dry sink housed a wooden basin that you could fill with water for washing your hands or preparing meals.


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