Dragons have been a source of inspiration for centuries through folklore and legend, so it is becoming increasingly common to use them as inspiration for baby names.

Dragons have enchanted almost all cultures – they are universal, despite some differences in appearances. They appear in Chinese, Eastern European, Welsh, Norwegian, Vietnamese, English, Greek, Japanese, and many more cultures.

Though there are differences in appearance, there are a lot of similarities between dragons of every culture. One commonality is the beginning of legends being when ancient people were attempting to make sense of found dinosaur skeletons – they had nowhere near the knowledge we now have, and nothing looked like the bones they found.

Below we have created a list of 100 names inspired by dragon mythology and history from various cultures.

Dragoncore Girl Names

Adalinda – dragon princess (Old High German)

Anastasia – resurrection (Greek)

Belinda – bright serpent (German)

Chumana – snake maiden (Native American/Hopi)

Chusi – snake flower (Native American/Hopi)

Dalinda – noble serpent (English)

Hydra – the 100-headed water dragon slain by Hercules (Greek)

Kaida – little dragon (Japanese)

Kaliyah – killer of the multi-headed serpent (Hindi)

Kayda – looks like a little dragon (Japanese)

Khaleesi – Mother of Dragons (from Game of Thrones)

Malinda – dark serpent (English)

Medus – the Gorgon who had snakes for hair (Latin)

Melusine – freshwater spirit, serpent from the waist down (German)

Ryoko – she who is like a dragon (Japanese)

Tanis – serpent lady (Greek)

Tiamat – a dragon goddess (Babylonian)

Wyvern – two-legged dragon (Anglo-Saxon)

Vyara – faith (Bulgarian)

Zafira – success (Arabic)

Dragoncore Boy Names

Apalala – water dragon (Hindi)

Apep – to slither (Egyptian)

Attor – poison (Old English)

Cadmus – dragon teeth (Greek)

Chua – snake (Native American/Hopi)

Dracul – evil (Romanian)

Drago – dragon (Italian)

Drake – dragon (English)

Fraener – a dwarf transformed into a dragon (Old Norse)

George – a legendary knight who slew dragons (Greek)

Longwei – dragon greatness (Chinese)

Nithe – serpent (Old Norse)

Ormr – snake (Old Norse)

Quetzalcoatl – feathered serpent (Aztec)

Ryuu – dragon (Japanese)

Shesha – king of serpents (Sanskrit)

Slayer – one who kills (English)

Tatsuya – accomplished one (Japanese)

Veles – god of the underworld, dragons and trickery (Slavic)

Viper – king of snakes (Latin)

Gender Neutral Dragoncore Names

Arrow – projectile from a bow (English)

Azar – flame (Hebrew)

Blaze – fire (Latin)

Boruta – to fight (Polish)

Brande – dweller of a burned clearing (Czech)

Chance – good fortune (English)

Danbala – sky god (Haitian)

Devlin – unlucky (Irish)

Ember – spark (French)

Iseul – morning dew (Korean)

Kenna – born on fire (English)

Kirin – ray of light (Sanskrit)

Knucker – water dragon (Old English)

Orochi – eight-headed serpent (Japanese)

Pachua – feathered water dragon (Native American/Hopi)

Scylla – mythological sea serpent (Greek)

Shenron – dragon god (Japanese)

Syrax – dragon from Of Ice and Fire (Irish)

Sol – sun (Spanish)

Valryon – strength and health (Latin)

Famous Dragon Names

Arman – ultimate goal (Arabic, from He’s a Dragon)

Arya – friend and faithful (Persian, from Eragon)

Daenerys – Mother of Dragons (from Game of Thrones)

Diaval – devil (English/Irish, from Maleficent)

Draco – dragon (Greek, from Harry Potter)

Elliot – the Lord is my God (English, from Pete’s Dragon)

Errol – wandering (Scottish, from Guards! Guards!)

Eragon – fictional name from the book Eragon

Eustace – fruitful or productive (Greek, from the Chronicles of Narnia)

Falkor – guardian of the people (Norse, from The Never Ending Story)

Figment – imagination (Latin, a mascot for Epcot)

Haku – master or overlord (Japanese, from Spirited Away)

Ladon – one-hundred-headed dragon (Greek)

Maleficent – harmful or evil (Latin/English, from Sleeping Beauty)

Mushu – fearless, loyal, and intelligent (Chinese, from Mulan

Pendragon – head dragon (English, from the Arthurian legend tales)

Phaegal – fictional name from Game of Thrones

Saphira – blue gemstone (English, from Eragon)

Thorn – thorn bush 9Old English, from Dragonvale World)

Vritra – drought and adversary (Hindu)


Aiden (Irish)

Aine (Irish)

Alev (Turkish)

Alina (Slavic)

Brenna (Celtic)

Brenton (Old English)

Edna (Hebrew)

Eirwen (Welsh)

Egan (Irish)

Idris (Hindi)

Kai (Scottish)

Katla (Icelandic)

Kimda (Aboriginal)

Lumi (Finnish)

Nieves (Spanish)

Nuri (Hebrew)

Orinda (Anglo-Saxon)

Reese (Welsh)

Tanwen (Welsh)

Tyson (French)

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