We all need something to help us relax at the end of a hard work day – these 5 Cottagecore aesthetic games are prefect for unwinding and recharging.

There are so many games for you to choose from no matter your preference or mood; whether you want to relax but feel productive or whether you need to truly escape reality for a while.

Cottagecore inspired video games are one of the best ways you can find a peaceful state of mind in our chaotic world.

Lose yourself in their beautiful, calming worlds for hours on end, or simply spend 20 minutes to reset your brain after a day of working.

The following like is catered perfectly for those who need that little extra relaxation in their lives.

Klepto Cats

Image of a Cottagecore aesthetic game

If you’re a cat lover and love the kawaii aesthetic, then you will adore Klepto Cats.

Spend you time caring for cats – each pet or treat raises their mood, which, in turn, raises yours.

To make it even better, you can send your cats on little missions to collect (or maybe even steal) fun treasures to decorate your space.

As you wait for you pets to return from their adventures, you can simply play mini games that earn you extra coins.

Each room you unlock has their own set of collectables and mini games so you never get bored.

To The Moon

Image from To The Moon

If you’re looking for a game to play on a cold, rainy day, you need to get To The Moon.

This game not only has stunning graphics and calming music, but it has a emotional storyline that keeps you coming back for more.

While it is very emotional (and trust us, you will be fighting back tears), the game it also uplifting and promotes new ways of thinking.


Image from Townscaper

Have you always wanted to build your own town that has no responsibilities, demands or even inhabitants? Then you will love Townscaper.

This unique city building game allows you to create you own small town that is unlike any other game like it – its set on water, and you simply build you townscape block by block.

Expand your buildings, making curving streets, change anything you want or create tiered levels at will.

This is a game you will pick up time and time again.

Like a Dino

Image from Like a Dino

If you need a quick burst of happiness, look not further than Like a Dino.

This game is incredibly simple and super cute – your goal is to listen to the rhythm of the song playing and slide left to right in order to catch the notes.

The more notes you catch, the longer your dino’s neck grows.


Image from Spiritfarer

This game may be too heavy for some, but it is truly a memorable game with a message that stays with you well after the game is completed.

This heart-breaking games is all about death and bidding farewell.

You are the ferry master to those who are deceased and you job is to both guide them to their afterlife and fulfil their dying wishes.

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