While some of us adore the nostalgia and petite nature of Cottagecore, some want something slightly darker and dirtier; that’s where Goblincore comes in! Based on the idea of celebrating all nature – especially those typically regarded as dirty or ugly – and all animals, this aesthetic is inspired by the “ugliness” of the mythical Goblin from European folklore.

A significant part of the Goblincore community is an intense desire to explore all aspects of nature in the search for small (often shiny) objects they can collect and hoard. So we have compiled a list of 5 Goblincore-inspired shoes you will need if you want to become a part of this culture!

Goblincore Student Shoes

These rubber shoes from Cottagecore Clothes are the perfect beginner shoe for a new Goblincore aesthetic member. Not only do they come in two different shades of black and brown, but they’re comfortable and super easy to style.

Simply pair with your favourite long skirt or a part of baggy jeans to walk around campus all day or sit in the library to study!

Woodland Nymph Lace-Up Sandals

If you’re looking for something more fantastical and to incorporate a more literal sense of folklore into your fashion, then these are the shoes for you!

Perfect for faerie, pixie, troll, and goblin looks! Complete any aesthetic outfit with these folklore-inspired lace-up shoes.

Vintage Faux-Leather Platforms

More interested in a vintage interpretation of Goblincore and other Cottagecore-related communities? These vintage-inspired faux-leather platforms are the perfect shoe for exploring nature (with the added benefit of adding a bit of height).

Be aware that these shoes are not actually vintage – they are simply inspired by styles of the past.

Oil Swamp Faux-Leather Boots

These handmade faux-leather boots are the perfect addition to any wardrobe, but especially a Goblincore wardrobe. With rubber soles, a padded collar, lace-up front closure, and a wide fit, you can be assured comfort and stability throughout your day – no matter the activity!

Mushroom Combat Boots

If you want a more stylish and comfortable pair of boots, then these mushroom combat boots are for you! Perfect for the winter months, these boots are handmade to be high-quality, with soft foam insoles, a high-quality digital print, 100% nylon-canvas fabric and they are so easy to clean!


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