When you are just beginning to incorporate a new aesthetic into any aspect of your life, it can be incredibly difficult. It is best if you begin with one small aspect at a time; i.e. makeup, accessories, fashion, interior design, hobbies, etc.

The Witchcore community is focused on all themes of witchcraft, including performing spells, gem collecting, and magic. It also involves elements of other popular aesthetics such as Cottagecore and Naturecore.

To help you build a Witchcore wardrobe, we have put together some of our staple Witchcore clothing items for you to purchase!


Floral Ribbed Backless Jumpsuit

If you want to still be modern and stylish, this jumpsuit is the perfect addition to your Witchcore wardrobe. Extremely comfortable and easy to style, complete the look with a pair of chunky boots, wild hair, lots of gold jewelry (when you think you have enough, add more!), and messy, dark makeup.

Buy here.


Floral Retro Midi Dress

This floral midi dress is a great base for any Witchcore outfit. Complete the look in so many ways; add an oversized sweater and heeled boots; a fitted corset and thin boots; lots of gold jewelry and a shawl.

Buy here.

Green Button Down Summer Dress

This button-down dress will be perfect for practicing witchcraft or adventuring into nature. It is comfortable and loose enough to allow for movement. Pair this dress with some long boots, a shawl, and lots of jewelry.

Buy here.


Green Low Rise Baggy Jeans

You need a few staple items you can wear for running errands (making potions) and other everyday activities, so these jeans are a great addition to your growing wardrobe. Pair with a black top or a chunky sweater, tote bags, and chunky boots.

Buy here.


Beige Long Sleeve Mesh Pullover Corset Top

This pullover top is perfect for the Witch who wants to be a touch sexier! This mesh pullover pairs perfectly with a long black skirt, gloves, jewelry, and chunky boots.

Buy here.

Black Strapless Lace Mesh Corset Top

This corset top is the perfect addition to any black pants or skirt paired with high heels or chunky boots and gold jewelry.

Buy here.

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