I’m sure we’re all sick of the standard fonts on Microsoft Word at this point – that’s why we’ve compiled a list of our favourite Cottagecore fonts for you to try!

Whether you need to create a poster for a school project, a logo for your latest business venture, or are building your very own website, you can’t go wrong with these fonts.

Here is our ultimate list of Cottagecore fonts for you to use!

Image of our Cottagecore font pack


Image of Cottagecore font 'Vintages'

If you want your university notes to look Pinterest-worthy, this is the font for you!

Vintage looks like you’ve got the perfect hand writing, you’re productive and you’re aesthetic – what more could you want?

White Storm

Image of Cottagecore font 'White Storm'

Are you looking to feel like you’re in medieval times? Then you need to use White Storm and be transported to a fantastical era of peasant dresses, gardening and trolls.


Image of Cottagecore font 'Routhers'

Routhers is the retro font we all dream of (or is that just me?).

Whether you’re looking to advertise a new product or a logo for your company, Routhers will never go out of fashion.

Alice in Wonderland

Image of Cottagecore font 'Alice In Wonderland'

Inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movie logo, this font is one of the best Cottagecore heading fonts that will work for any advertisement, logo and product marketing.

Bronze Script

Image of Cottagecore font 'Bronze Script'

This font is the perfect combination of handwritten script and decorative design.

Perfect for those looking for something a little different that is still beautiful and easily read.


Image of Cottagecore font 'Countryside'

This is the ultimate Cottagecore font, made for wedding invitations or stationary for your cottage in the Parisian countryside.

Snow White

Image of Cottagecore font 'Snow White'

This font works well for headings, wedding invitations, social media logos and product marketing.

If you’re someone who loves Disney and princesses, you need to use this font!

Cottage Designer

Image of Cottagecore font 'Cottage Designer'

This font will work perfectly for photography watermarks, advertisements, stationary and so much more.

Anyone who is looking for a simple, easy-to-read font will love Cottage Designer.

Garden Cottage

Image of Cottagecore font 'Garden Cottage'

This font is perfect for anyone needing a font for wedding invitations, social media logos, product packaging or product designs.

Garden Cottage is the ultimate font for someone who loves bold, whimsical designs.

These Cottagecore fonts are perfect for those within the Cottagecore community or anyone who needs a little extra whimsy in their graphic design.

Ditch the standard Microsoft Word fonts, and use these for your ultimate Cottagecore fantasies. If you need more inspiration, try this Cottagecore fonts

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