TikTok has introduced us to one of the latest viral trends, and we’re in love!

Grandmacore comes at a time where everything is trending from tenniscore to grungecore; and we’re sure you can understand what it is based on the title alone. Imagine Cottagecore, but slightly more eclectic and vintage.

The Grandmacore aesthetic is reminiscent of your grandma knitting, wearing all floral, and not caring what others think of her; her life revolves around herself, comfort and a cup of tea.

As we settle into the post-pandemic world, this trend is becoming increasingly more popular as it reflects how we all feel. We mean, even Carrie Bradshaw seems to be loving it ( 😉 )!

grandma cooking baked goods

What Is Grandmacore?

Grandmacore is a simple concept: the aesthetic aims to mimic the cosiness and security that comes with grandparents, including gardening, knitting and baking fresh goods to share.

The lifestyle of a Grandmacore girl is all about nostalgia and living a carefree, simplistic life that is similar to your grandparents. It involves doing what you enjoy, detaching from the world and leaning into the whimsical and magical side of life.

It’s soothing, nostalgic and relaxing, with a touch of solitude.

Grandmacore Fashion

In terms of fashion, we stick to the same nostalgic, comfortable vibes as the lifestyle. This will include a lot of soft fabrics – most commonly, knitwear.

A cable knit sweater of a hand-made scarf are the perfect additions to a Grandmacore wardrobe.

Our biggest tip is to learn how to knit and sew yourself; making your own clothes is a large part of this aesthetic! Being sustainable and environmentally friendly is key to Grandmacore fashion.

A staple item in a Grandmacore wardrobe is dresses; any dress that is long, flowing and loose is perfect. Steer away from items that are tight and form-fitting, as they don’t necessarily represent the traditional style of this aesthetic.

More staples include long skirts, jumpers, loose tops and tunic. Accessorise with brooches, leather handbags and dainty jewellery.

And you can’t forget a good pair of cosy slippers!

Another important aspect of Grandmacore fashion if nightwear. Be sure to wear flannel nightgowns, sleeping shirts or pyjamas to assist in a restful nights sleep.

Our Favourite Pieces

Paris Style Plaid Jacket + Skirt
Knitted Hat
Vintage Jacquard Rose Cardigan
Vintage Corduroy H Shape Skirt
Stand Lace Collar Embroidered Blouse
Vintage Floral Painting Shawl
Floral Socks

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