Cottagecore has been increasingly popular over the recent years, and many are craving to escape everyday city life for rolling hills, open spaces and farmhouses – but the butterflies, bright flowers and sundresses aren’t for everyone.

Some may be more intrigued by spooky or witch elements, and that’s where goth Cottagecore comes in! With the rise of Cottagecore, it’s darker sister aesthetic is creeping into smaller communities through design and beauty.

Alicia Blomquist, from Rustic Queen Halloween, believes the turn from country home to crypt can be blamed on the pandemic, stating, “it’s a more fun and whimsical decorating style, and since everyone was stuck at home, you might as well make yourself and your home feel cosy. Then from that, the cottage goth style evolved. So for the people who liked to have their spooky pieces out all year, they just mixed it in and it took off!”

What Is The Cottagecore Goth Aesthetic?

dark forest

The Cottagecore Goth aesthetic is a combination of floral, woodland elements and the dark, romantic atmosphere of traditional Goth culture. Social Media users on TikTok and Instagram have taken the Goth aesthetic and revitalised it to fit into the trends and lifestyle wants of the 2020’s – though, a version of this aesthetic has existed since the 80s in music and fantasy literature/film.

Lesser known, Goth Cottagecore is rife with images from classic fairy tales, ballet, mythology, poetry and folklore (from its more girly counterpart) as well as stereotypes associated with zombies, vampires and horror movies. To put it simply, this aesthetic is a hybrid of Cottagecore, 80s Goth, Glam Rock and Forestpunk. 


Goth Cottagecore visuals lean toward dream-like and natural atmospheres, such as:

“Oh, magic in her hands / She could make anything grow / Magic in her hands / She had green fingers.” – Siouxsie and the Banshees, Green FingersThorns

  • Candles
  • Insects
  • Sun and moons
  • Black flowers
  • Antique golden frames
  • Stained glass windows
  • Stars
  • Black cats
  • Ivy
  • Twigs and dead trees
  • Fire
  • Moths
  • Tea
  • Mist
  • Forests


Goth Cottagecore fashion is inspired by dark and ghostly figures such as fae, Greek Gods and fairy tale creatures.

Grey Low Rise Baggy Jeans
Black Wide Leg Straight Leg Suit Pants
Black Backless Cropped Corset
Black Spaghetti Strap Lace Mesh Corset Top


  • Lolita-inspired skirts
  • Light layering
  • Nature-inspired jewellery
  • Netted fignerless gloves
  • Puffed / billowy sleeves
  • contrasting dark tones
    • jewel tones: dark red, deep purple, navy blue, moss green
    • faded pastels: pale pink, ivory, grey
  • Gothic makeup
    • jewel tones
    • natural base
    • matte finish (rather than the glowy, shiny  Cottagecore look)
  • Tattered edges
  • Floral prints
  • Drapery
  • Scarfs and shawls
  • Parasols and fans
  • Stockings and leggings
  • Lacy fabrics
  • Wild hair
    • teased
    • curled
    • dreadlocked
    • dyed
  • Hooded coats
  • Winkle pickers, velvet/suede platforms, ballet flats

Goth Cottagecore Activities


  • Writing poems
  • Admiring roses
  • Writing in a journal
  • Collecting mushrooms and herbs
  • Singing
  • Foraging
  • Studying natural poisons
  • Walking through the forest
  • Listening to vinyl records
  • LARP or RPG
  • Dancing in the trees
  • Catching bugs
  • Listening to Gothic music
  • Going to Gothic clubs
  • Pressing flowers
  • Reading

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