Cottagecore girls (and boys and non-binary) don’t want boys, they want Cottagecore presents for Christmas!

I’m certain we all know what Cottagecore is by now, it’s only been all over social media since the beginning of the global pandemic, causing us to with for a peaceful, self-fulfilled life in the countryside.

Those who choose to participate in this aesthetic community adopt hobbies such as gardening, reading, baking, and crafting – basically any screen-free activity you can think of.

The entire aesthetic centers around the idea of romanticising simple, country living; dreaming of a life that’s uncomplicated and straightforward.

If you know someone who this applies to, then continue reading to find them the perfect Christmas gift!

Propagation Stand

propagation stand

One of the key elements of Cottagecore is embracing nature, so every Cottagecore girl will have at least one million plants in their home – with more propagating, so help out your plant mu by buying them this propagation stand!

Copper Watering Can

copper watering can

We’ve established that Cottagecore girls love plants, so it’s only fair that they will always need a watering can.

Indoor Hydroponic Garden

hydroponic garden

If your Cottagecore friend unfortunately does not actually live in the countryside, then simply bring the farm to their apartment!

Green Ivy Leaf Vine String Lights

green ivy leaf string lights

While we are all obsessed with this aesthetic, not all of us are natural green-thumbs. That’s where the leaf string lights come in – they’re the perfect decoration for all those who can’t get their hands dirty.

Wooden Kitchen Spoons

wooden sppons

These wooden kitchen spoons are the perfect addition to any cooking-lover’s home.

Baking Set

baking set

It is a must for a Cottagecore girl to bake, so this baking set is an essential. Your friend will be whipping you up cookies and fresh bread in no time!

Bread-Making Kit

bread making kit

If you’re friend is looking into break making, this is the ultimate gift for them! Bread baking is incredibly difficult at first, so give them a push in the right direction with this bread-making kit.


cottagecore apron

Your friend cannot become a pro-baker without a cute apron!

Le Creuset Dutch Oven

le creuset dutch oven

I don’t think we really need to say anything about this gift – anyone would be awed to receive this under their Christmas tree.

Ceramic Pie Dish

ceramic pie dish

If your friend truly wants to feel like they live in a cottage, you can’t go wrong with buying them these ceramic pie dishes, so they can sit them on their windowsill for all to smell.

Paisley Bandana

paisley bandana

Bandanas are an essential wardrobe piece for those in the Cottagecore community, but it’s become increasingly difficult to find them. Surprise your friend with the ultimate wardrobe staple!

Glossier Cloud Paint

glossier cloud paint

If you’re friend loves makeup, then this gift is a must! Their makeup will look natural and dainty if they use the Glossier Cloud Paint.

Glass Vases

glass vases

You can’t go wrong buying your friend some clear vases for them to present their beautiful fresh flowers!

Cotton Napper Weighted Blanket

weighted blanket

When they’re not baking or gardening, Cottagecore girls will be cosying up on the couch, watching movies or in front of the fire. This weighted blanket is perfect to help create warmth and comfort at home.



Brewing tea is something truly special. Any Cottagecore girl will be happy to receive this as a gift.

Loose Leaf Tea Set

loose leaf tea

Not teapot would be complete without the tea, so don’t forget to buy high-quality loose tea leaf sets so they can enjoy your choices.

Embroidery Starter Kit

embroidery starter kit

This is the perfect off-screen hobby for anyone to enjoy; it keeps the hands and mind occupied with the bonus of having a finished product at the end.

Gingham Picnic Blanket

gingham picnic blanket

The unofficial Cottagecore pattern has to be gingham, and this picnic blanket is a classic for any picnic! Lay it open in your favourite park, read a book and enjoy some finger food.

Fujifilm Instax Instant Camera

fujifilm instax camera

This instant camera is the perfect purse addition for a Cottagecore girl! Rather than grabbing their phone and getting distracted by social media, they can simply snap a quick photo of their day and be on their way.

Teacup and Saucer

teacup and saucer

If your friend wants their home to look like it was decorated by a grandma, then look now further than gifting them a set of vintage, floral teacups and saucers.

Mushroom Stool 

mushroom stool

While your friend is unlikely to live in a real cottage, they can make their home feel like one – this mushroom stool is perfect for this!

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