Many of us wish to live a peaceful, Cottagecore lifestyle and long to prance around in sundresses and sandals year-round – but this is simply unrealistic for most people.

What are you meant to do when its cold outside? Can you get away with wearing sundresses in fall and winter? Thank answer is yes, you can!

Don’t worry about freezing your butt off – it may seem tricky to figure out how to wear Cottagecore inspired outfits in colder environments, but we can help you.


One  of the best ways your can represent your aesthetic while staying warm this winter is by layering! We have listed our winter Cottagecore essentials:

  • Button-down tops are the perfect layering piece if you want warm, Cottagecore outfits. We highly recommend a Peter Pan collar that can be worn under your dresses!
  • Closed toe shoes are easy to find for winter! Opt for some Mary Janes, clogs, lace-up boots or oxfords. They will be perfect fopr protecting your little toes!
  • Elegant coats that are tailored and/or vintage-inspired are cute pieces to incorporate into your winter wardrobe. To keep some femininity, make sure they have a gentle curve to them at the waist.
  • Dainty sweaters and other knitwear are perfect for fall! You can go plain, or add small touches with lace and embroidery.
  • Leggings and tights are a great addition for under your dresses to make them more cold-friendly.
  • Cardigans are great if you want something lightweight and something lightweight that will make your outfit shine.
  • Pants are the perfect option for those days that are too cold for tights under a dress. With the right top (or sweater), denim jeans or trousers are the right option.

Winter Cottagecore Outfits

Sundress, Shirt & Shoes

Lace Top & Pink Slip Dress
Cowhide Leather Shoes

Sundress, Button Up, Sweater & Shoes

Vintage Mary Jane’s
Wool Blend Sweater
Neck Lace Top & Rose Slip Dress

Sundress, Sweater, Coat & Shoes

Green Plaid Overall Dress
Lace Collar Sweater
Cowhide Leather Shoes

Blouse, Skirt, Coat & Shoes

Fleece Collar Embroidered Overcoat
French Blouse and Floral Skirt

Blouse, Coat, Trousers & Shoes

Boned Blouse
Linen Pants
Quilted Overcoat

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