Cottagecore is a huge aesthetic right now, despite hitting its peak back in 2020 when we all dreamt of living in the countryside, growing our own food and living a self-sustainable lifestyle in cute dresses and bandanas.

The idea of your only responsibilities being baking bread and sweets, tending to your garden, strolling in flowering meadows and patching up clothes makes it easy to understand why this trend got so popular during the pandemic.

The good news is, no matter the time of year, you can participate in this trend – even if you live in a studio apartment with only a window to the outside world!

Cottagecore Fashion

cottagecore fashion

The Cottagecore style predominately consists of peasant silhouettes, delicate floral patterns and muted colours – basically, think about what a farmgirl in the nineteenth century would wear, but make it modern.

The most common elements of Cottagecore fashion involve:

  • Patterns, which includes gingham, plaid, floral, paisley and stripes.
  • Layered clothing that have large pockets, and puffy sleeves (the puffy sleeves are important).
  • Hand-crafted accessories such as knitted hats and dainty jewellery.
  • Flowing dresses and skirts that are inspired by those worn to complete housework in the 1900’s.

And, most importantly, there are lace corsets and bodices.

Our Top 5 Cottagecore Corsets

The Rose Corset

$46 | Sizes: XXS – XXXL | Free shipping over $100
rose cottagecore corset
Rose Corset

The Rose Corset is one of our favourite choices when we want to look and feel more accurate to nineteenth century living. The bodice has boning that shapes to your body without suffocating you, the curved edges provide the perfect addition to any skirt you are layering over top of, and the neckline is modest yet feminine.

The lace-up back detail is one of our favourites, and we just know you will adore this piece. 

Juniper Lace-Up Corset

$47 | Sizes: XXS – XXXL | Free shipping over $100
lace-up cottagecore corset
Juniper Lace-Up Corset

If you want a statement corset, the Juniper Corset is for you! Some may think the fabric looks like their Granma’s curtains, but that is what we love the most. Cottagecore is about embracing vintage and nostalgic pieces in every facet of life – this corset is the embodiment of this ideal.

Pair with a simple white off-shoulder dress to make yourself feel like an off-duty princess wandering through fields of wildflowers (and who doesn’t want to feel like that, seriously?).

Olive Lace-Up Corset

$34 | Sizes: S – XL | Free shipping over $100
olive cottagecore corset
Olive Lace-Up Corset

Do you love the Juniper Corset, but want something slightly more modern? You need to buy yourself the Olive Lace-Up Corset.

With the same vintage feel as the Juniper Corset, but with a lower neckline and higher waistline, the Olive Corset is a great middle ground for the Cottagecore Girls that want to mix modern style with the Cottagecore aesthetic.

Nell Strapless Corset Top

$35 | Sizes: S – L | Free shipping over $100
floral cottagecore corset
Nell Strapless Corset Top

The Nell Strapless Corset Top is our favourite choice when we’re feeling outgoing and bubbly. With it’s bright colours and high waistline, this corset is perfect for a night out with friends or simply a hot summer night by the fire.

We are obsessed with how the bright colours pop on the crisp white fabric – the corset top will pair perfectly with any modern, regal or nostalgic outfit you put together!

Peach Under Bust Corset

$32 | Sizes: S – L | Free shipping over $100
under bust corset
Peach Under Bust Corset

I know we say it a lot, but the Peach Under Bust Corset may truly be our favourite piece for any Cottagecore outfit. The stunning artistic design is reminiscent of Renaissance paintings and embraces the female body in warm hues of purple and peach.

This corset pair perfectly with our Hattie Blouse!

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