When looking for a fall aesthetic this year, there is only one that comes to our mind: puff-sleeved dresses, plaid, oversized cardigans, chunky sweaters, lace-up boots and corsets. Combined, these create dreamy, romantic outfits that are perfect for fall. Cottagecore is truly bigger than ever.

This aesthetic embodies the feminine and embraces rural living – a lifestyle that was exacerbated by the release of Taylor Swift’s Folklore in 2020.

Don’t forget that while a significant part of Cottagecore is the fashion, it is an entirely visual aesthetic for every aspect of life; it is a romanticised view of rural living and a sense of escapism.

The perfect day for Cottagecore Girl’s include being in nature, baking, eating desserts, gardening and walking through meadows.

With autumn blooming in the southern hemisphere, we thought it was about time we share our favourite fall outfits!

Jeans & Tee

cottagecore jeans
Butterfly Embroidered Straight Leg Jeans

If you’re looking for the ultimate casual fall Cottagecore look, this is for you. Perfect for spending the day at home, or running errands, this look is simple to put together and to wear. Everyone can feel beautiful with a well-fitted pair of jeans and their favourite baby tee!

To dress this look up, pair with some boots and lots of gold jewellery – though keep them dainty.

Blouse & Pants

cottagecore pants
Black Tanner Trousers
cottagecore blouse
Pippa Blouse

If you’re looking for a work- or office-appropriate fall outfit, then you need to pair the Pippa Blouse with your favourite pair of black trousers (our favourite are the Black Tanner Trousers).

This blouse is incredibly comfortable and unbelievably cute; the slight puff sleeve is enough to nod to Cottagecore, but not in-your-face; the tie-up neck resembles blouses from the nineteenth century, a time in fashion in which predominately inspires the entire aesthetic.

Even outside of work culture, this outfit is perfect for spending the day at home baking – it is loose enough for you to be comfortable, but it is dressed-up enough that you will feel great all day.

Shawl and Comfort

cottagecore shawl
Winne Plaid Shawl

If your plan is to go for morning walks in the fog, then you need to add our Winnie Plaid Shawl over your outfits! This one piece will quickly become a staple for your fall outfits once you experience its warmth and comfort.

Pair with a simple jeans and tee outfit such as above, or wear over a dress (maybe layered with a corset for extra Cottagecore flare) to keep yourself warm on cooler mornings.

Flowy Dress

cottagecore dress
Champagne Florence Dress

On the warmer fall days, you need to wear our Florence dress (maybe paired with the Winne Plaid Shawl over top for the nights). This dress has stunning bell sleeves, a tied waist and a structured bodice that provide a modern twist on nineteenth century fashion.

Romantic and sweet, this is the perfect outfit for baking or going for picnics with your loved ones. Loose enough to eat as many sweets as you like, but warm enough to allow you to ignore any breeze.

Corset and Dress/Skirt

cottagecore corset
Jasmine Lace-Up Corset

For a day you want to feel like a forest princess, we have the perfect wardrobe staple for you – our Jasmine Lace-Up Corset. Layer over your favourite dress (we prefer our Adeline Puff Dress) to look like an extra from the Princess Bride, or pair with your favourite long skirt (we would suggest cotton or corduroy for fall).

This will be the perfect outfit for tending to your garden, harvesting vegetables, and wandering fields and meadows.


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