Are you art-blocked and looking for some Cottagecore drawing ideas? Look no further!

Drawing, painting, sculpting and other artform are one of the best ways of expressing ourselves – they also make for great decorations.

We all need some inspiration sometimes, and that’s why we have gathered a list of Cottagecore-inspired drawing ideas for you to try out!

Easy Cottagecore Drawing Ideas

  • cute puppies with wagging tails and tongues poking out
  • dragons
  • moonlit nightscapes
  • nature scenes with foliage and ponds
Image of a Cottagecore drawing
Image sourced from Pinterest
  • sunsets seen from a forest view
  • bouquets of flowers
  • mushrooms with faces and arms
  • smiling frogs
  • girls in flowing dresses
  • bumble bees
  • grumpy frogs
Image of one of our Cottagecore drawing ideas
  • animals in fields
  • dancing mushrooms
  • frog on a log
  • books in a library
  • cloudy skies
  • mountains
  • roman botanicals
Drawings of Cottagecore creatures
image by nana.
  • doodles of vines, leaves, flowers, insects, jars and picnic items
  • vintage art-nouveau inspired floral prints
  • cheese illustrations
  • gardens
  • vintage inspired cityscapes
  • cabins
  • floral patterns
  • fairy or wisp

We can’t wait to see what you create – don’t forget to tag us on Instagram if you use any of our Cottagecore drawing ideas!

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