Whether you have been stuck at home or you simply have some free time on your hands, you are going to get bored – and you can only browse the Cottagecore Girl blog for so long! We can only teach you so much. So what can you do when the boredom strikes? Get creative with your activities.

You’ve likely tried reading a book, or tackling DIY projects. But that isn’t the only activities you can do when stuck inside. You could try writing your future self a letter, or tackling your spring cleaning. We have compiled the ultimate list of (mostly) free activities that won’t bore you to tears and maintain your sanity.

Whether you’re alone or surrounded by friends and family members or have uninspired kids, we have the solution for you! Continue reading to find the perfect way to make your time enjoyable no matter the situation.

1. Make A Vision Board

A way to set out your goals in an accountable and creative way is by building a vision board. The goals can be as simple (i.e. reading more) or as difficult (i.e. improving your relationship) as you wish, but simply find quotes and images that represent those goals and put them all together either digitally or physically on a page.

2. Host A Netflix Party

host a netflix viewing party

Whether is in in person with your family, or virtually with a group of friends, queue up some movies to watch on Netflix! You could even spice this activity up by adding a goal/theme such as only screening Netflix Originals, or Oscar-nominated movies, or everyone’s favourite movie.

3. Have Your Own Crafternoon

A great way to pass the time and feel constructive is by hosting your own personal Crafternoon. Do what will make you happiest: embroider décor for your walls, create your own beauty products, make a candle with your favourite scent or even paint a picture to give to a family member or friend.

4. Tackle Your Spring Cleaning

This may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but we can assure you will feel amazing when you’re done! You can start by tackling a few smaller tasks (i.e. taking out the trash, doing a load of laundry, vacuuming a room) or tackle the whole house from top to bottom. By spring cleaning, you will be able to spend some much-needed alone-time and you may even find it cathartic.

5. Stream A Free Concert

stream a free concert

If the pandemic gave us one thing, it was access to a variety of movies and live events online. Our personal favourite is the Adele One Night Only hosted by Lady O herself.

6. Try A New Recipe

It might be the perfect time for you to dust off one of your cookbooks or find something interesting online and pick a recipe (or cuisine) you haven’t tried.

7. Make A Fancy Cocktail.

make your own cocktails

There are so many fun cocktails you can find online to try out! Look at making a Moscow mule, a Cranberry Orange Margarita. You will be surprised how exciting and fun it will be to play mixologist for a night.

8. Host A Family Game Night

There no quicker way cure boredom than with a board game night with your closest friends or your family. You will be laughing and having a blast in no time!

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