The perfect Cottagecore style dress has a few staple elements: a floral pattern, some form of puff sleeve, frills/ruching/lace and and flowy. You can be assured to feel like a runaway Princess living sustainably in a forest cottage in a dress that has these details.

Cottagecore romanticises rural living, and a simple lifestyle that is perfectly captured by these dresses. Not only are the beautiful, but the are the perfect outfit for many Cottagecore activities such as baking, gardening, walking and crafting.

Continue reading to see our top 5 Cottagecore dresses!

White Floral Puff-Shoulder Maxi Dress

This dress is possibly our favourite. The bodice is form-fitting, and adjustable no matter your bust size. The sleeves are puffed slightly to add a touch of elegance, but no over-the-top. The slit adds just a hint of skin, but is still regal and comfortable. And the floral fabric is reminiscent of your grandmother’s curtains, but in the best way possible!

We assure you, you cannot go wrong with this dress!

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White Puff Sleeve Ruffle Sundress

If you’re looking for a Cottagecore dress for an event or to simply feel like a Princess, this is the one you need. Our White Puff Sleeve Ruffle Sundress is stunning, and will make any girl feel beautiful – from the cinched waist, to the puff sleeves, from the drooping neckline to the ruffled hem, it is a standout.

Just be sure to be careful when gardening, we all know how easily grass can stain fabric green 😉

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Floral Printed Puff Sleeve Sundress

This low-back, tie-waist sundress is perfect for those summer nights when you are grabbing some vegetables out of your garden for dinner before lounging on your porch swing drinking a glass of wine. Don’t worry about feeling too dressed up – that’s what Cottagecore is all about; romanticising your life and the things you do in your day to day life.

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Pastoral Lotus Leaf Puff Sleeve Sundress

If you’re looking for a dress to wear while doing chores around the house and running errands, then look no further than our Pastoral Lotus Leaf Puff Sleeve Sundress. This stunning dress gives your room to move, while providing support and style. Never feel like you’re working when you wear it, it’s simply too beautiful to spare.

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Cream Floral Sundress

This cream floral dress is perfect for any day-date or midday picnic with friends. Loose enough to sit comfortably, and to hide any food baby, this dress is absolutely gorgeous. Feel supported by the bodice, while ethereal with the off-the-shoulder puff sleeves.

No dress is more perfect for sitting in a garden and drinking tea and eating finger-food.

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