There are so many fun Goblincore-inspired phone and desktop wallpapers it can be hard to choose just one, so we’re going to make the decision even more difficult for you by showing our favourites!

Goblincore is one of the latest trends to come from Tumblr and TikTok where the community has the desire to appreciate all aspect of nature – not just including, but especially those that are not commonly deemed beautiful by society.

Whether its snails or frogs, mushrooms or plants, moss or mud, Goblincore fanatics are often those involved in Cottagecore or Vulture aesthetics but want something less clean and Instagrammable.

On top of this, the aesthetic gained its name from (what we call) he mascot of Goblincore – the goblin. This thieving creature is typically associated with the ugliness of European folklore, however, in this trend, participant’s hold an appreciation and infatuation with the goblin’s carefree ugliness.

A significant, yet less discussed, part of the Goblincore community is a strong desire to collect (hoard) small objects (often shiny) that are cuely nicknamed shinies.

We’re hoping you will love all of these shiny and ugly wallpapers just as much as we do!

Goblincore Phone Wallpapers

Image of Goblincore phone wallpaper
Image of sun and moon wallpaper
Image of Goblincore toads and mushrooms wallpaper
Image of compilation phone wallpaper
Image of flower wallpaper
Image of Goblincore background

Goblincore Desktop Wallpapers

Some of us may not have the ability (or money) to change our entire wardrobes or bedrooms to fit our aesthetics, but small changes like your wallpapers can make a huge difference to your life.

These wallpapers are just some of our favourites – we hope you loved one enough to make the change!

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